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The Stotts shamelessly ask Susanna Reid all the questions on RND


In case you had any questions about Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan…

Vic and Bob brought The Stotts back to television as they grilled Susanna Reid about her relationship with Piers Morgan and flashed her more than she bargained for.

The comedians reprised their roles as the bickering brothers and talk show hosts for Red Nose Day, questioning the Good Morning Britain host about whether her “husband” Piers leaves “an oily substance on the bottom sheet”.

Susanna explained to them: “We are not actually married, we are a TV husband and wife, we share a sofa.”

The duo also quizzed her about whether she has ever worn back-to-front knickers and what she does when she runs out of toilet roll.

Davey (played by Vic) left Susanna unsure where to look when he asked her if she has seen the new Kong film while opening his legs as he sported a kilt.

Susanna replied: “I’m just trying to keep my eyeline above here.”

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