Sunday 21 October 2018

'The Late Late Show' compiling viewers' top 10 'Fair City' moments for 25th anniversary

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

To celebrate RTE soap Fair City's 25th anniversary, The Late Late Show is compiling a list of viewers' top ten moments from the show's history.

From illicit affairs with local priests to cold-blooded murder to domestic abuse against men to gay rights, Ireland's top soap has tackled the entire spectrum of issues facing Irish society.

And there's been a bit of craic along the way too!  Here's a rundown of the top ten moments since the soap's first broadcast on September 18, 1989, with just one episode a week.  


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When Harry met Shelly

When scheming seductress Shelley arrived in Carrigstown it wasn't long before she became the woman viewers loved to hate as she embarked on an affair with best friend Dolores' husband Harry, almost destroying their marriage.  Not content with that she went on to inveigle herself into councillor Donal McCann's affections whilst also bedding Jerry.


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Billy Meehan comes to a sticky end

Long before Love/Hate gangster Billy Meehan was running amok in Carrigstown. Back in 2001, viewers couldn’t wait to see the most notorious of all Irish telly gangsters get clipped and when Billy Meehan bit the dust we hadn’t a clue who done it. Viewers only had a few days of suspense before it was revealed that Billy’s stepson Lorcan walloped him with a golf club. Good riddance to bad baddies.


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The gay kiss

Liam and Eoghan's kiss was the first gay kiss on Irish television, ever.  It was 1996.


Floyd and Heather's forbidden love

Fair City tackled the thorny issue of incest back in 2008 when half brother and sister Floyd and Heather finally gave in to temptation after Floyd revealed he had just weeks to live.  Heather's husband Brendan was none too pleased and Heather screamed accusations of murder at him at Floyd's funeral.  Shocking scenes altogether.


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Wayne's wedding woes

Poor old Wayne missed out on his stag so Orla tells Damien to organise another party.  But it's the eve of the wedding and Wayne is insistent on drinking non-alcoholic beverages.  Decco proceeds to spike his drinks with alcohol before handcuffing Wayne and Damien together back at McCoy's.  Ah, the craic.


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Tommy is left for dead

Sibling rivalry escalated to dangerous levels last year when Luke and Tommy came to blows over Judith.  Tommy lost his wife Judith to his brother Luke and when she goads him by saying that throughout their marriage she only thought about luke, Tommy loses it and confronts Luke who ends up pushing Tommy down the stairs and leaving him for dead.  High drama indeed.


Paul Brennan - wedding crasher

A soap is not a soap without someone getting jilted at the altar, literally.  Poor Mike Gleeson was the victim when Helen Doyle ran from the altar into the arms of her lover, Paul Brennan, a man with a degree in romantic entanglements.


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Damien suffers domestic abuse

Fair City regularly tackles the issue of domestic abuse, but in 2010 they highlighted the fact that men can be victims too.  Damien's partner Suzanne was an abuser and it led to the couple eventually breaking-up.  One scene depicted Damien lying on the ground and Suzanne attacking him with a snooker cue.


Lucy terrorizes Dolores

Poor Dolores had more than her fair share of heartbreak over the years but her torment at the hands of Lucy really took the biscuit.  Presented with photographic evidence of Harry's affair with Lucy, Dolores confronts her and Lucy reveals that not only did she and Harry have an affair but they also had a child together.  Needless to say, Wayne was floored to find out his fiancée slept with his father but he ends up having to restrain Dolores when she completely loses the plot and tries to attack Lucy.


Kay and Malachy - the landlady and the priest

In 1998, Kay McCoy began a relationship with Catholic priest Malachy Costello, who then left the priesthood and married Kay in 1999.  The storyline was timely given the revelations in the early 90s about Bishop Eamon Casey and his relationship with Annie Murphy as well as Father Michael Cleary's 26 year relationship with his housekeeper Phyllis Hamilton and the fact they had had two children together.


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