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The five top moments from this year's 'The Greatest Showman' Late Late Toy Show

Leo Javaherian aged 12 from Naas, Co. Kildare with Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Toy Show 2018. Picture Andres Poveda / RTE
Leo Javaherian aged 12 from Naas, Co. Kildare with Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Toy Show 2018. Picture Andres Poveda / RTE

Mícheál Ó Scannáil

The Late Late Toy Show never fails to be an emotional watch, and this year was no different.

Ryan Tubridy was at his best with his ‘The Greatest Showman’ opening - and there was a host of children ready to become little stars.

Here are the five moments that made us laugh, smile and cry as RTÉ pulled off another emotive Toy Show.

1. Double heroes - cousins Scott and Grace Lowe

The most tear-jerking moment of this year’s show was when we were introduced to Scott and Grace Lowe. Eight-year-old Scott, as introduced by Ryan Tubridy, proved himself the ultimate ‘hero’ when he undertook the painful procedure of a bone marrow transplant for his little cousin. 

Six-year-old Grace was suffering from leukaemia and was not a match with any of her siblings for the life-saving bone marrow operation.

Since Scott and Grace are ‘double first cousins’, with their parents two sets of marrying siblings, he was a match and didn’t hesitate in saving his cousin.

"I wanted to save her life," Scott told Ryan Tubridy.

"I was scared going in for an operation. I felt really happy (that I saved her life)."

Scott, who is a huge Ireland rugby fan, got to meet his idols Sean O’Brien, Rob Kearney and Tadhg Furlong, but it is the young man who saved his cousin’s life that is the true hero according to the All-Blacks beaters.

"This is a real life hero right here. What you have done, you are the real hero. We are really proud of you," Kearney told Scott.

2. 15-year-old Rachel Coyne’s breath-taking performance 

Rachel Coyne from Donard in Co. Wicklow proved that Ireland’s future in the world of arts is safe. The 15-year-old got a rare standing ovation from the Toy Show crowd when she performed a heart-warming rendition of ‘Never Enough’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Rachel made her second appearance on the show. In 2014 she performed Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ on the show and while her first performance was excellent, her latest was spine-tingling.

The song was part of the overall theme of ‘The Greatest Showman’ but completely overshadowed Ryan Tubridy’s opening song from the same movie. The, no-doubt, star-of-the-future will get her chance to wow Ireland again after she was gifted the opportunity to record a song in the world-famous Windmill Lane recording studio.


3. Charming Michael O’Brien’s disbelief at meeting his hero Davy Fitzgerald

Michael charmed the Toy Show audience with his wit and the heart-warming moment he met his hero Davy Fitz.

For the first time on the Late Late Toy Show, this year’s children’s book segment featured braille and audio books and their reviewer, Michael O’Brien, , who is visually impaired, bowled everyone over with his charm.

Michael, is a huge Kerry GAA supporter and doubles as Davy Fitzgerald’s biggest fan. While he was worried that he wouldn’t click with his hero because "he’s from Sixmilebridge", he paid tribute to the Wexford manager’s passion for hurling.

So big a fan of Davy Fitz, is 11-year-old Michael, that he didn’t believe Ryan Tubridy when he introduced him to the book corner.

"He’s not here," he said in disbelief. "He’s not here Ryan."

Following their introduction, the Wexford manager had some gifts for Michael to take away. The Wexford jersey he brought, he said, Michael has to wear when giving pre-match speeches before three of Wexford’s National Hurling League Matches.

Michael also had the crowd in stiches with his response to receiving tickets to next year’s All-Ireland final.

"How can you get them?" he asked.

"It’s not even 2019, it’s more than 9 months like. I will enjoy that, boy. Trust me I will."


4. Leo’s performance of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’

Leo Javaheria, from Naas, gave us one of the most touching moments of the show when he recovered his nerves to tell a brilliant joke at the break of the show.

Having already sang a few bars from ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ and played the melody on keyboard, Leo looked unnerved on stage but a hug from Ryan Tubridy helped him to regain his nerves before delivering a punchline perfectly.

Leo, who has Down’s syndrome, gave the crowd a thumbs up before leaving them laughing with his joke.

"What’s over there," he asked Ryan Tubridy, pointing. "It’s a finger."


5. Cormac Whelan Fox’s solution to the housing crisis

Every year the Toy Show springs up a child or two who we just know we could see as Taoiseach in 40 years' time.

This year, Cormac Whelan Fox from Kilkenny was on the stage to showcase his Lego construction of the Taj Mahal and he had the perfect solution to the housing crisis - floating houses.

Cormac, who plans on putting his Mam up in one of these levitating properties when he is older, said that by then the world will be more "technologious", and promised to put all of the audience up in houses like that with unlimited Wifi, daily free service and a pool.

While he derailed his toy train, Cormac said that he just wants to "build stuff to live in" when he is older and agreed with Ryan Tubridy that he should run for his local County Council.

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