Thursday 22 August 2019

'The first rule of party planning is don’t poison the client' - Lord Sugar once again unimpressed with The Apprentice candidates

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

This week one team risked poisoning the parent of a child whose party they were throwing. Another team managed to suck all the fun out of their kids' party. Dissatisfied parents and unimpressed kids were the order of the day.

The task for week eight was to set up and host a children's party for some high spending clients with a budget of £2000.

Selina is an event manager so was given the role of PM of Team Conexus with Brett Scott, Richard, and Vana her disciples.  On Team Versatile Gary, who owns an Event Management company, took the reins backed by Charleine, David and Joseph.

“I don’t have children and I don’t like them but thats' not to say I'm not brilliant at putting on events,” said Selina, who then told her group, prior to meeting the clients, that the meeting was all about getting information.

Instead of listening to Nicole whose birthday they were organising, Selina clearly terrified her with options.  The team then forgot to get the client's details.

Vana later helpfully suggested, “Do you have the Yellow Pages?”.

As Vana headed off in the car with Richard, she questioned Selina’s fire-breathing skills, “First of all does she have the tools? Can she just breathe any type of fire? Am I missing something? She can just put a match in her mouth and start breathing it?”

Richard suggested it was just bad breath.

Team Versatile were tasked with throwing a bash for teenager Jamal who wanted to do outdoor activities, and eat burgers and chocolate cake.  Mum had a very severe nut allergy so they had to avoid nuts at all costs.

David is a qualified high ropes and low ropes instructor and put himself forward to head up the activities and save a few bob.

Meanwhile, on Team Versatile Charleine and Joseph struggled to find a cake without nuts.  They found one that didn't mention nuts so they opted for that.  More on that later...

At the actual party David and Gary manage to squeeze all the fun out of the party for Jamal with everything feeling more like a corporate bonding session than a teenager's party.

Nicole's party was based on sports but none of Nicole's friends appeared to be particularly interested.  Mum didn't seem particularly impressed either.

Richard and Vana made the cake for their party. “Cake’s in, icing’s made, icing’s in the fridge. I might put my feet up!” declared Richard, a tad prematurely.

Back with Charleine and Joseph they told Gary that the Cadbury milk chocolate spread they used on the cake "may contain nuts". 

Gary then told Jamal's parents, including mum Julie with the nut allergy, that the cake contained a nut spread.  Eventually Jamal's dad checked the packaging and confirmed the spread was okay, but at this point it had put a major dampner on the day, particularly for Julie.

David stuffed the party bags with extra bits but struggled to transfer photos on to personalised t-shirts.

Nicole's mum later told Selina she hadn't wanted party bags for the girls at £10 a pop and didn't want to pay for them. Jamal's dad also turned his nose up at the dodgy t-shirts which had cost the team £175.

In the boardroom, the results were clear, with one team streets ahead of the other.

Team Conexus, led by PM Selina, with Brett, Scott, Richard and Vana, on board spent £1050.79 and earned £1665 from the client, giving them a total profit of £614.21. 

Team Versatile, meanwhile, led by PM Gary with Charleine, David and Joseph spent £1149.80, earned£1546 and made a total profit of £396.20.

Lord Sugar addressed the losing team, “The first rule of party planning is don’t poison the client.”

Team Conexus won the task with the greatest profit and earned themselves a lesson with the UK's most successful snowboarder, Olympic bronze-medallist Jenny Jones.

Lord Sugar has been keeping the candidates on their toes this series and, having fired three candidates in one two weeks ago, he was at it again tonight - this time bringing a fourth candidate back into the boardrom.

After their defeat, Gary decided to bring David and Joseph back in and Lord Sugar made the unprecedented decision to also bring Charleine back.

“Charleine, interrupting in the manner that you’re doing and just shouting loud, very, very loud is something that I don’t like," he said.

However, he was just as critical of the other three.

"Joseph, I do believe that there was some responsibility here for you on this task," he said.

"Gary, I’m a bit concerned. I made you the project manager on this. Unusual, because you were the project manager last week but I thought, hold on a minute, you are an event’s organiser and what better project manager should one have for this."

However, it was David who finally came a cropper.

"David, I do believe that today you have a lot to answer to. £175 wasted on these t-shirts. I wish you well David, but I’ve concluded that you’re not going to be my business partner…You’re Fired.”


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