Tuesday 20 March 2018

The Apprentice: Double blow as Selina Waterman Smith fired and Scott Saunders quits

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

It was a double shock on The Apprentice this week as resident 'pantomime villain' Selina Waterman Smith was fired and Scott Saunders sensationally quit the show.

Week nine saw the eight remaining candidates facing the daunting task of flogging mid-range to luxury London properties.

Richard and Joseph headed up teams Conexus (with Brett, Scott and Vana) and Versatile (with Charleine, Selena and Gary) respectively.

Acting as real estate agents for million pound developments, some of the candidates found themselves out of their depth.

It wasn't a great start for Conexus.  Scott managed to get confused on the studio layout when showing around a potential buyer while Selina and Joseph were told they weren't polished enough to sell luxury Canary Wharf properties. 

“Harry didn’t think I looked cool enough with my braces yesterday, he said I looked too corporate," said Joseph.  "No pink shirts, so I’ve tried to mimic his outfit this morning, so hopefully he’s going to be impressed.”

Even within the team Selina and Joseph found themselves competing for the attention of a potential buyer.

Joseph had big ambitions, “I want to own my own tower block, Valente Towers. I might even call it Valentino Towers just for Lord Sugar.”

However, it was team Versatile which managed to make the biggest impact.  Charleine managed to sell a place for £350,000.

“£350,000! You could buy a street in Wales with that money…wow!” she declared.

This was after Charleine and Gary attempted to find property buyers on the streets of Lewisham.  Scott struggled to find buyers too although dismissed the idea of hitting the streets, “Are we missing a trick? You can’t just go out onto the streets for stuff like this.”

Also on team Versatile Karen was unimpressed by what Richard and Vana were offering potential buyers.

“No show flat, no floor plans, just a plate of biscuits," she said, curling her lip in disgust.

Richard, meanwhile, struggled with the developer's name.

“Galialiard? Gallialala? I’m just going to not say it, I think it’ll be easier," he said.

When the day was done and the commissions added up Team Conexus made £12,725 on a Clapham property and £63,901.78 on a Canary Wharf property.  Their total commission was £76,626.78.

Team Versatile made £18,200 on a Lewisham property and £11,360.25 on a Stratford Property with a total commission of £29,560.25.

Winning Team Conexus were treated to a high-octane speedboat experience along the Thames but as Conexus left the boardroom, Scott remained in his seat.

Lord Sugar gestured for him to follow his team-mates, but Scott said, “It’s alright. I would like to quickly say thank you for the opportunity, but I would like to exit the process.”

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With the boardroom in disbelief, Lord Sugar replied, “Well it’s your choice if you want to. You’re doing my job for me. But I’m an honourable man and I stick to the rules, so all I can do is thank you very much indeed for putting yourself forward because you’ve actually made life a little bit easier for me.”

Scott leaves the boardroom and the Apprentice process, telling his victorious teammates “I’m off”. He is the first ever candidate to voluntarily leave the process after being on the winning team.

A visibly shocked Lord Sugar turned to the others, “This process is all about people who perform. At least another one of you will be leaving the process today.”

PM Joseph decided to bring Selina and Gary back into the boardroom.

“Gary, I’m wondering whether you can ever shrug off that big corporate image," said Lord Sugar.

"Selina, you’ve certainly have managed to alienate a couple of people here in this process, more than a couple from what I can understand and I’m just wondering whether a person with such a volatile nature is the type of person I would want as a business partner."

He then turned to Jospeh, "Joseph, I don’t like failure and I don’t also want to have to be changing nappies all the time. So on that basis Joseph, you may be here a little bit too early.

"I’ve made my decision. My instincts tell me that we are not going to make it Selina… you’re fired."

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