Saturday 24 August 2019

The Apprentice candidates face shock triple firing as Lord Sugar loses it over DIY task

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Lord Sugar finally lost it on The Apprentice, firing not one, not two, but three candidates following the handyman business task.

It was the half way point in the series, and the candidates faced hard graft as they were tasked with setting up and running a handyman business.

Armed with a van full of tools and their own elbows to grease, teams Versatile and Connexus set to work offering cleaning, gardening and DIY services to large and small clients.

Team Connexus took on a local football ground while Versatile attempted a refurbishment of a local theatre.

Team Connexus
Team Connexus

Unfortunately for Team Versatile, with Ella as PM, it was disaster after disaster.  First they missed the printing deadline for their flyers so Mergim had to write them by hand.

“Can you imagine you seeing a sheet of paper, torn out and handwritten, would you think that they could do a good job with your DIY?” said April.

Mergim also managed to leave a handprint in the paint on one job leaving the team in dire straits and when the task was finished the entire team drove off without Richard.

April was once again unimpressed, “As usual, Mergim did what he does best, which is lose us money.”

Karren was also dubious about Mergim's DIY skills, "I don’t think you screw a nail.”  Even Mergim was confused by how shelves work, "Are they meant to lean to one side or are they meant to stay straight?”.

It wasn't all Mergim, however.  Elle came under fire for her leadership skills, or rather lack of them, with Richard noting, “I could sum up this task by slowly watching the extinction of the lesser-spotted Elle. It’s a one way ticket to out of here.”

Drama ensued when simple measurements were done wrong at the theatre...

Team Connexus have their own issues but they were niggles compared to Versatile.

“I can just about put together some flat pack furniture” declared David on his handyman experience, while Charleine was more enthusiastic about cleaning windows, “Ready? Let’s sing while we do it.”

Scott, however, struggled with gardening, “I need help with the bush, there’s too much bush" although Sam was pleased with his efforts, “It’s definitely less weedy.”

Unsurprisingly, Team Connexus were victorious.  They made £1170 and spent £119.92 leaving them with a profit of £1050.08 and earning them a pampering at an authentic Russian spa. 

Team Versatile, meanwhile, made a measly £652 and spent £121.9 leaving them with a paltry profit of £530.01.

Lord Sugar was not best pleased and immediately fired PM Elle.

“Mistake on that, mistake on this, six times the loser…you know, not looking great," he said.

"In fact, there’s no point carrying on Elle. In your day job you organise the construction of basements, well in this particular task, you’ve dug yourself a very, very big hole…You’re Fired.”

Lord Sugar then appointed Mergim, previous sub-team leader, to be the new project manager and asked him to decide on two other candidates to bring back into the boardroom. Mergim brought back April and David.

Mergim gave a heartfelt speech on his difficult past and aspirations for the future, but it wasn't enough to save him.

“It is a difficult one…look Mergim, I’m going to say this to you. I don’t think you have the potential, at this moment in time, of being my business partner, I really don’t," he said.

"But carry on with your dreams ok? It is with sincere regret Mergim that…You’re Fired. And, we’ll stay in touch.”

After Mergim exited the boardroom April and David thought they were safe.  Not so.  Lord Sugar wasn't finished yet.

“April, you may recall six weeks ago you were the project manager and I told you then that had this been a little bit later in the process, that you would have gone that day," he began.

"At the time I didn’t know. But here we are, in week six, and I do believe that you have been standing back, I do believe I can’t see you as my business partner, so April…You’re Fired.”

The Apprentice returns on Wednesday on BBC One at 9pm.

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