Tuesday 17 September 2019

'That's just the way the industry is' - Aoibhinn McGinnity's US show Quarry axed after one season

Actress Aoibhinn McGinnity. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Actress Aoibhinn McGinnity. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Sean O'Grady

Aoibhinn McGinnity has revealed she was not upset after learning that her US TV show Quarry had been given the axe because “that’s just the way the industry is”. 

The Monaghan actress went to New Orleans to film the crime drama, which followed a US marine in the 1970s who returns to his hometown of Memphis after fighting in the Vietnam War.

Aoibhinn played a character called Mary in the show, which saw the marine, Mac, become wrapped up in the world of crime after struggling to cope with the effects of war.

However, despite a positive reception from critics, the series failed to attract a large audience and it was announced in May that the show had been cancelled after just one season.

“My part wasn’t massive but I got to do really cool stuff, I was a bad-ass in it. I loved it, really enjoyed it,” said Aoibhinn. “I wasn’t upset, that’s just the way the industry is. It’s not lovely all the time. I don’t think it’s coming back, not that I know of.”

Known for starring in RTE’s Love/Hate as Trish, Aoibhinn was initially apprehensive to move to America for the series because she thought the work culture could be different.

Actress Aoibhinn McGinnity in Love/Hate as Trish. Photo: Bernard Walsh
Actress Aoibhinn McGinnity in Love/Hate as Trish. Photo: Bernard Walsh

“I was kind of worried doing Quarry because I thought it would be different, being a different country, but it was very much the same,” she said. “Some of the hours are different. America isn’t the ultimate, it’s just wherever work is.

“I got lucky with Quarry so hopefully I will get lucky again with something that has life after one season,” she added.

Aoibhinn recently returned from another trip to the US, where she took part in pilot season, which sees numerous new shows film a pilot episode in the hope that they will be picked up by a TV network for a full season.

“I’ve only done two pilot seasons, the first time I got a job from it and that was only my second go and I met lots of great people, and I have to go back for next pilot season,” she told the Herald.

“It’s non-stop. It’s a bit mad but it’s really good. “Some of them don’t even get made and some of them do.”


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