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'That's 1,800 pounds of do whatever the heck I want' - Matthew McConaughey pokes fun at True Detective's Rustin Cohle in ad

Matthew McConaughey's latest advert for Lincoln Motors might be considered a self-parody were his coolness not such as definitive part of his reputation.

The advert sees the True Detective actor in Rustin Cohle mode as he stares down a bull and philosophises over the nature of existence.

"That's a big bull…I think that's ol' Cyrus," McConaughey growls at its opening, as if someone driving a luxury Lincoln 4x4 and wearing a shirt and slacks would be intimately familiar with the local livestock.

He then proceeds to just stare the bull dead in the eyes like Rust interrogating a suspect, the only True Detective staples missing being McConaughey smoking a cigarette and saying nothing for about four minutes and the sound of knife through Lone Star beer can.

"1800 pounds of do whatever the heck I want," he eventually adds, "I can respect that." Of course he can, McConaughey is about 10 million dollars of do whatever the f*ck he wants.

He ultimately decides to spin the car around and let the bull stand its ground - some sort of metaphor about respecting the power of nature. He just ploughs through the bull and the camera zooms in on him screaming as he speeds down the road, wiping blood from his face. The word 'EXCELSIOR' flashes up in large white font.

The advert was directed by Drive's Nicolas Winding Refn and is one of three released this week, forming part of McConaughey's deal with Lincoln that came off the back of his pre-McConnaissance starring role in The Lincoln Lawyer.

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