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Thandie Newton: Line Of Duty the 'best thing on British TV'


The film star has explained how she was tempted by TV.

Hollywood actress Thandie Newton has said she could not turn down a role in Line Of Duty because it is “the best thing on British TV”.

The Crash star, regularly seen in films and big-budget US TV series such as Westworld, explained why she was so keen to take on the fourth season of the BBC police drama.

According to The Sun, she said: “It’s because it’s the best thing on British TV.

“When I saw the third season, I was transfixed. I couldn’t believe how daring they were to get rid of the star in the first f***ing episode.”

The hit BBC One programme, known for its shocking twists, focuses on a police anti-corruption unit and also stars Vicky McClure.

Thandie said: “I watched all the episodes, met (creator) Jed (Mercurio) the next day and before even reading the script, I was in.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, the golden age of television is back’.”

Thandie admitted she would love to do more British TV, but said there were not enough roles available.

She said: “Oh God yeah, but it’s all costume drama, dahling. That’s the fly in my ointment. You’re not going to put a person with brown skin in any of those.

“I’d love to go home every night and see my kids who are at school in this country, but it’s never been possible. I’ve made 40 movies and four of them were shot in Britain.

“It’s a disgusting statistic. If I could be in Downton Abbey or Victoria, what would I be? A maid? No thanks.

“But I’m not moping about it. I’m doing things to make that different.

“I’ve written a six-part series, which I’m hoping to make next year. That’s where I find myself at the age of 44.

“Give me glass ceilings and I’ll smash them. Not only black people, everybody should smash them because I do not believe it’s what we want in this country.”

:: Line Of Duty returns to BBC One on Sunday at 9pm.

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