Sunday 17 December 2017

Tense scenes on Celebrity OT as Karl Henry berates Gerald Kean: 'Take this seriously... I’m concerned about you'

Gerard Kean gets down to business in Operation Transformation
Gerard Kean gets down to business in Operation Transformation
Elaine Crowley

Allison Bray and Geraldine Gittens

TV3 host Elaine Crowley lost more than a stone during her first week on Celebrity Operation Transformation and vowed to keep shedding the pounds.

The Midday host even astonished the show's in-house dietician, Aoife Hearne, by losing one stone and two pounds during the first week of the programme.

"I would say that is the most significant weight-loss that we've had so far on today's show," Aoife said.

Elaine, whose starting weight was 15 stone 11 pounds with 44pc body fat, suffers from a back condition. She was sent for an MRI on her back and has since been very limited in the kind of exercise she can do.

"If I don't lose this weight now, I will be in a wheelchair in my 60s," Elaine said on last night's show.

The presenter put her weight loss down to eating sensibly three times a day.

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She previously revealed that she has been struggling with her weight since she broke an ankle as a teenager and the weight kept piling on, thanks to her fondness for takeaways.

She also admitted to yo-yo dieting that at one stage saw her lose the same amount of weight in just four days on a liquid diet.

But poor eating habits led to the weight creeping back, she said.

“I’ve said it before it’s not about the scales for me. The problem for me is keeping it off and a lifestyle change. It’s about change in the long-term. If I lose three pounds next week – yay! If I lose a stone next week – yay! If I lose nothing next week – yay! as long as I can eat my three meals a day and get my exercise in everyday it’ll come off eventually.”

Elaine also spoke of her fears that she would have to pull out of a 5K run for cancer awareness due to her back injury.

“I’ve a close friend who’s going through hell at the moment. She’s going to through absolutely blooming hell at the moment. My dad died of cancer. My aunt recently died of cancer. A couple of the women now that I should be doing the run with, battled breast cancer very bravely, I’d like to be just holding their hands as we do it all together.”

Meanwhile, comedian Katherine Lynch - who also lost an impressive 8.5 pounds during the first week, was brought to tears by the memory of her late father - and her quest to be healthy for her loved ones.

The comedian said the death of her father five years ago shook her to the core and it is only now that she feels strong enough to get out there and do the show.

“The death of my father was one of the biggest things I’ve ever had to go through in my life. Three days after his funeral I get up on the stage in Vicar Street and go out as if nothing was wrong with you. So I went ‘that’s it, I can’t do anymore of this’ I need to get off this mad ferris wheel and take time out for Katherine Lynch."

"I’m only feeling better now and that’s five years ago. I would never have been able to do this four years ago or even three years ago but I feel strong enough to do it now."

But she said she is taking part in the reality fitness show in order to feel better about herself.

"I'm doing this for me first of all. I'm also doing it so I can hang around with the people I love longer. I really love my small town and the people in it. We do all have a responsibility to each other to stay healthy."

"And my family and when you’re from a small town you see a lot of people go and that’s really difficult, really difficult because I am a child who’s been raised by their village. We do all have a responsibility to each other to stay healthy.”

The first episode of the series ended positively as all contestants, including Katherine, Elaine, RTE radio host Brenda Donohue, comedian Karl Spain and celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean all lost weight.

Legal eagle Gerald was in for a shock when he was informed that he weighed in at 19 stone seven pounds.

The show's fitness expert Karl Henry cautioned him for doing excessive exercise though.

“Before Operation Transformation it was work, it was eating out and you did it at full tilt. Personally I think Operation Transformation has become your next excess. You’re plotting your own course and it’s a course for disaster. You’re over training, you’re working too hard, you’re doing more than what I told you to do even despite the fact that you said you’re not."

"You definitely are, I know you are. You need to listen very, very carefully to what I have to say. You’re 58 years old, you can’t do this. You can’t sustain this. It’s not healthy, it’s not good for you. And this time next year you won’t keep it off if you keep doing this."

"So from here on in and for the next seven days, take this seriously, I’m a lot firmer than I’d normally be for a first week weigh-in cos I am worried about you, I’m concerned about you,” the fitness expert said.


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