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Team Will's Michelle dreams of performing at the Royal Albert Hall


A win would finally give Michelle the chance to take centre stage.

The Voice UK semi-finalist Michelle John has told of her dream to take the stage at the Royal Albert Hall if she wins the ITV competition.

Already a professional musician who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Girls Aloud, she said that a victory would at last give her the chance to lead the show.

Speaking ahead of the semi-final on Saturday, she said: “It would finally be – as much as it sounds like a cliche – me doing me now.

“I have worked for many years with other people and added to their shows and albums and it’s amazing, but now this is just me doing something for me and it means everything.

“The one thing on my dream list is to do a night at the Royal Albert Hall because I have done it so many times with artists like Eric Clapton, and I would love to just do Michelle.”

Michelle, 43, is one of judge Will.i.am’s entries to the penultimate stage of the competition after she was saved by the public vote, delighting audiences last week with her rendition of I’m Every Woman.

On Saturday she will perform Oleta Adams’s Get Here as she goes head to head against Jason Jones, Team Gavin’s Max Vickers and Truly Ford, Team Jennifer’s Jamie Miller and Mo Adeniran, and Team Tom’s Craig Ward and Into The Ark.

But while competition should be hotting up, Michelle said the close relationship between all the remaining contestants made it tough to get into “battle mode”.

“It’s really boring,” she said. “Everybody really gets on and everybody is really encouraging, talking about each other’s songs and outfits and training.

“Everyone is being so supportive that it actually makes it more difficult.”

For Michelle, her journey through the competition has been particularly personal and she has spoken about how it has helped her overcome abuse.

She said: “I have had some lovely messages from viewers saying I was brave to be honest about my past and that they were inspired by my attitude and courage.

“That has given me even more inspiration, and my son has given me the thumbs-up and thinks I am a champion.

“When you go through domestic violence it takes a long time to heal and be open, but I refuse to be a victim and want to tell anybody who has been or is going through it that there is life after and you can go on as a strong person.”

Adding a special piece of advice to aspiring singers, she said: “Steaming before a performance is good to open up your vocal chords, and if you don’t have a steamer blow into a bottle of water through a straw.”

:: The Voice UK returns to ITV at 8.30pm on Saturday.

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