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Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway tell off Martin Kemp for saying ‘shag’ on morning TV



HE’D hardly rank with the worst offenders for turning the air blue – but that didn’t stop Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway telling off Martin Kemp for using the word ‘shag’ on morning TV.

The actor was appearing on Good Morning Britain to promote his new role in Birds of a Feather.

"I would like to say I play Dorian's love-interest but I think the term shag-interest would be more appropriate. Wait, can I say that at this time of the morning?”

The answer from the presenting duo was a resounding no.

"No, you can't say that,” said Kate.

Martin then joked:"Oh okay, I take it back then."


Susanna then attempted to salvage the situation by suggesting a shag was a ‘type of bird’.

Later in the interview, he revealed he and band Spandau Ballet were heading off on tour again.

The band will play dates in South East Asia, taking in locations such as Hong King and Dubai.

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