Wednesday 18 September 2019

Steve Brookstein defends HIV 'joke' about Olly Murs' X Factor blunder following backlash

Steve Brookstein
Steve Brookstein
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

X Factor flop Steve Brookstein faced backlash following a HIV 'joke' he made on Twitter regarding Olly Murs' blunder on Sunday night's show.

Contestants Monica Michaels and Anton Stephans were facing deadlock when presenter Olly mistakenly announced that Monica was going home before the result had been handed to him and Caroline Flack.

Brookstein, who won the first series of X Factor but is critical of the show, took to Twitter in the wake of Olly's gaffe to say, "Dr Murs, "Sorry you have HIV, actually no, sorry I'm wrong. You haven't. My mistake. Hold on, yes, sorry you have HIV. Sorry." #XFactor"

Fans were appalled by the joke with one branding him "heartless".

However, Brookstein defending his joke, saying it was a Family Guy reference and then added a link to comedian George Carlin. 

He then reposted his tweet, replacing the word 'HIV' with 'diabetes', and 'genital warts' and branded X Factor viewers "stupid".

He continues to tweet in defence of himself this morning.

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