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Spoiler Alert: Bookies predict which Line of Duty character will be unveiled as ‘H’


Line of Duty is set up for a dramatic finale

Line of Duty is set up for a dramatic finale

Line of Duty is set up for a dramatic finale

With just days to go before the Line Of Duty finale, bookies have singled out a clear frontrunner as the shady bent copper codenamed H.

While the anonymous character in control of the OCG has regularly been referred to as the ‘fourth man’, it’s a woman who is the odds-on favourite to be revealed as the cunning culprit.

The season finale trailer appears to tease that a suspect will finally be apprehended in another exciting episode involving an armed AC-12. And leading the betting as the vilest of villains is DCS Patricia Carmichael, the officer sent in to oust fan favourite Ted Hastings from his position as AC-12 boss.

In Sunday night’s episode, during an interrogation scene with DCI Joanne Davidson, Carmichael tapped out the letter H in Morse Code with her pen.

Carmichael also shut down the conversation any time Hastings pushed Davidson for information on the OCG or H and was responsible for pulling the plug on surveillance of Davidson and Ryan Pilkington, putting DI Kate Fleming in harm’s way.

Viewers also picked up on Davidson’s fear and reluctance to talk in Carmichael’s presence.

BoyleSports have Carmichael as the 5/2 favourite to be H, while Betfair are offering odds of 2/1.

However, actress Anna Maxwell Martin, who plays Carmichael, poured cold water on the theory when she appeared on This Morning, claiming she simply tapped the table because the interrogation scene was so long and she was bored.

Chief Constable Phillip Osborne is also a prominent candidate at 4/1 with Betfair and 7/2 with BoyleSports. But fans could be in for a shocking twist, with Ted Hastings closing in on the favourites in third place.

Other contenders include Deputy Chief Constable Andrea Wise, former detective Marcus Thurwell and DI Kate Fleming. According to Boylesports, Fleming’s sidekick, DI Steve Arnott, is the least likely candidate — a 100/1 outsider.

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Another name more recently in the frame is MIT DS Chris Lomax, who was heard at the OCG’s gun workshop, making a throwaway remark that aroused some fans’ suspicions.

Lomax was arranging to meet a colleague “in the Red Lion by 8pm”, just as Fleming and Arnott arrived at the scene. The Red Lion was the name of the pub where OCG member Carl Banks was heard boasting about murdering investigative journalist Gail Vella.

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