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Spencer Matthews reclaims his Made in Chelsea ultimate cad crown as he admits cheating on girlfriend Lauren Hutton


The drama on Made in Chelsea has long revolved around who is cheating on who and Spencer Matthews has reclaimed his crown as the ultimate MIC cheater.

In a revelation that surprised nobody in last night's episode, Spencer admitted to girlfriend Lauren Hutton that he had cheated on her at a party.

The 100th episode of the E4 show was particularly dramatic, given Lauren didn't take the news lying down.

When Spencer revealed he had kissed a girl at mate Jamie Laing's party, Lauren chucked a drink in his face and told him he was a "ridiculous excuse for a human being".


Spencer had claimed to be reformed and denied he would ever cheat on Lauren despite having cheated on former flames Stephanie Pratt, Louise Thompson, and Lucy Watson.

The cracks had begun to show recently in Spencer and Lauren's relationship as he insisted on remaining friends with Lucy even though Lauren felt Lucy had tried to split them up.

At the fateful party, Spencer was drinking and later turned off his phone and stayed out all night, in classic Spencer style.

However, he insisted he had spent the night in Jamie's bed.  But with Lucy Watson on the hunt for the truth and questions being asked, Spencer decided to come clean to Lauren.


"I need to tell you something about the other night", he said.  "‘People are talking… and I f**ked up. I kissed someone and I feel dreadful. You don’t deserve it. I wanted to come clean."

Lauren launched an angry tirade at Spencer and said he had not even liked him when she first met him, only succumbing to his 'charms' reluctantly.

"I f**king hate you right now", she said, "You’re such a ridiculous excuse for a human being. It took me so long to convince myself to go out with you and realise you’re not a f**king joke."

Spencer's admission is the first cheating admission of the series and comes in the wake of Alex Mytton's cheating behaviour with ex Binky Falstead in the last series.

Binky took him back following his admission of guilt, but the relationship imploded again soon after. Alex is now dating Irish model Nicola Hughes.

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