Thursday 17 October 2019

Somebody was rating my feet on fetish website - Fair City star Rebecca Grimes

Rebecca Grimes
Rebecca Grimes
Rebecca Grimes (left)
Sorcha O'Connor

Sorcha O'Connor

She's used to people recognising her on the street as Hayley Collins in Fair City, but seeing her feet feature on a fetish site was bizarre for Rebecca Grimes.

It's not the first time the Carrigstown star, who's from The Naul, Co Dublin, has had her body parts rated by strangers on the internet, with a creepy website once scoring her appearance as a corpse in BBC drama Ripper Street.

Rebecca played prostitute Mary in the show, which ended up in her character meeting a grisly end. Last year, she was told by a pal that photos of her 'dead' body were being scored out of five.

More recently, she learned her feet were the latest body part to be targeted online.

"I appeared naked as a corpse, there was nothing sexual to it," she said.

"There's someone out there who dedicated their time to screenshotting dead bodies and rating them out of five.

"But recently we discovered Wikifeet, basically a page for actors' and actresses' feet. They take any photos they see of your feet and rate them from five and say, 'beautiful feet' or 'stunning feet'.

"They were taking photos from Instagram or from the red carpet if you wore sandals. They took photos from when I did a gym class barefoot."

Rebecca said it's usually less disturbing when she's recognised by fans.

"It's gas, people give you love advice like, 'Stay away from him' or 'I can't believe you're with him'," she said.

"People are so invested. It's mainly women who'll hold your hand and offer motherly advice.

"But when I had the affair with Paul Brennan, it was like 'You're that little bitch'. It's all good humoured, though."

The soap is in its 30th year, and the actress is looking forward to seeing what's in store for her character.

She said she always sits down with a cuppa when her scripts arrive to see where Hayley will find herself next.

"It's so exciting, 30 years is so impressive, I'm so proud to be a part of something that has been around as long as I have. It's an Irish institution," she said.

Over Christmas, Hayley was left reeling when her boyfriend Robbie threw caution to the wind and reunited with old flame Carol.

Rebecca thinks viewers are set to see a softer side to her feisty character as the Collinses desperately try to save their family home and get the money together for a mortgage.

"She realises family is the most important," she said, adding that it was a hard-hitting storyline.

"It's a case where you mightn't be eligible even when you have two people working jobs, even when you're doing your best," she said.


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