Friday 17 August 2018

Some viewers were outraged BBC's adaptation changed ending of Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence

Life in Sunny Point: The cast of BBC's The Ordeal of Innocence
Life in Sunny Point: The cast of BBC's The Ordeal of Innocence

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Agatha Christie fans were left seething after the 'Ordeal by Innocence' ending was changed in the TV adaptation.


Supporters of the iconic British novelist took to Twitter in their droves to hit out at the three-part BBC version, which concluded on Sunday night, after Bill Nighy's character Leo Argyll was revealed as the killer, rather than housemaid Kirsten Lindstrom (Morven Christie), who did the deed in the 1958 book.

One fan blasted writer Sarah Phelps as "arrogant" for changing the famous novel's plot.

They wrote: "So some arrogant BBC writer thought they could do better than Agatha Christie? Why adapt something if you’re going to change everything, even the killer?! Just write something new instead".

But Sarah hit back, writing: "yeah, you're totes right, I don't bother reading the novels, the estate just let me do what I want without any knowledge of the primary texts.  get a grip."

Another viewer wrote: "WTAF. @PhelpsieSarah why adapt @agathachristie if you're just going to trash the plot line and make it SO predictable.? The husband being the murderer's predictable beyond measure. Write your own plots & stop trashing others. Standing on the shoulders of giants".

One wrote: "Ordeal by Innocence was a stinker and @PhelpsieSarah was the stinkee. Waste of a good story and talented cast let down by a misguided adaptation."

Another posted: "I’m sorry @BBC - was Dame Agatha Christie’s writing just not good enough for you? Changing the murderer and the whole ending of Ordeal by Innocence? Shame on you #OrdealByInnocence #disappointed".

Despite some criticism, Sarah insisted she was "proud" of the cast and crew in the adaptation.

She wrote: "right, well there we are then. Thank you for watching #OrdealByInnocence couldn't be prouder of my brilliant, beautiful cast, the indefatigable, genius crew, visionary director #SandraGoldbacher & King @roopeshparekh if you've got a favourite book you'd like me to perve, hmu xx".

Several viewers were delighted with the thrilling conclusion to the dramatic three-parter.

'Coronation Street' star Sally Ann Matthews wrote: "That was absolutely fantastic. Stunning performances and storytelling. Loved it x #OrdealByInnocence"

One fan wrote: "There are people complaining that the plot of a MURDER MYSTERY WHODUNNIT WHICH IS MEANT TO KEEP YOU GUESSING was changed for tv so it wasn’t what they were expecting. I bet their favourite colour is magnolia and when they’re abroad they worry about the food #OrdealByInnocence"

Another posted: "So impressed by the BBC’s #OrdealByInnocence adaptation. The set design is outstanding, every scene has gorgeous rich colours and fabrics. And the changes to the plot are... actually better than the book?! 10/10 from this #AgathaChristie fan"

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