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Soapbox: Revenge, Revenge and yet more revenge...

Fair City: Now that Yvonne has fully absorbed what's happened, she can finally plot her revenge.

She gets Robbie involved.  Rachel's efforts to be the "woman" of the house and study for the Leaving Cert start burning her at both ends, while Mondo decides his life is a bit rubbish - charring yet more bridges in the process. Dolores meanwhile knows that Pete isn't ready to get married, so she relegates him to the couch - after giving Jackie an earful for coming back into their lives and essentially being a catalyst for the inevitable.

Coronation Street: Given Leanne has been harping on to Alya to tell Kal about her relationship with his mate Gary, you'd think she'd be the last person Alya would ask if she could use her flat for a nookie nest. Leanne, of course, refuses. Tracy realises her business is going down the pan, so, when she stumbles upon Carla's keys to the "fact-tray", she decides to trash the joint to cheer herself up. Sally generally gets on everyone's wick (a sofa is involved); and Sean bags himself a vicar.

Emmerdale: Marlon decides to give Ross a bed, which leaves Laurel in a right state. Perhaps her tentative new husband forgot his new guest car-jacked her once. Apart from that, there's a lot of people breaking the law; Harriet's arrested on Ruby and  Ali's wedding day, and Kirin gets himself hammered and drives Moira into a ditch. Cain's obviously not happy despite it being his 40th (yup, only 40) - so he beats Kirin up. Charity confesses, giving Pete immunity; Robert decides he might try Aaron on for size; and Jai has a confession for Megan.

EastEnders: So Peter's been to New Zealand for approximately 20 hours and now he's returned armed with a ring for Lauren. Imagine how she'll feel when it transpires he's killed Lucy? Just putting it out there… Especially since nobody in Soapland (particularly EastEnders) is allowed to be happy. EVAH. Ian makes a jarring discovery on Lucy's phone, and Charlie gets himself introduced to Aleks' missus. 

Ros na Rún: Is Vince coming on to Gráinne? And is "fun" Niamh back?!

Sheena McGinley is an editor at entertainment.ie

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