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'So much fun shooting this funny comedy' - Caitlyn Jenner makes surprise appearance on Mrs Brown’s Boys


Caitlyn Jenner (ITV)

Caitlyn Jenner (ITV)

Caitlyn Jenner (ITV)

American personality Caitlyn Jenner has made an unlikely appearance on hit Irish sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The transgender star (70), who recently featured in ITV’s 'I’m a Celebrity...', sent jaws dropping this morning after revealing she has filmed scenes for Brendan O’Carroll’s hit show.

Sitting at the kitchen table while holding a copy of local newspaper 'The Northside People' aloft, she said she had "so much fun shooting this funny comedy in Scotland! Mrs Browns Boys!"

The headline on the newspaper read: "Pyjamas back in fashion in Finglas" as O’Carroll peered over Jenner’s shoulder.

The popular show films at BBC’s studio in Glasgow and it’s thought that she filmed the scenes around the same time as the National TV Awards in London on January 22.

The reality star attended the ceremony and presented the 'Challenge Award' to The Great British Bake-Off.

It’s understood that she may have met Finglas funnyman Brendan on the same night, given that he and wife Jenny Gibney took home another accolade for Best Comedy.

He recently revealed to Tommy Tiernan how he is happiest when performing stand-up to a live audience but that he still does not feel that he has "made it" as he never had a specific goal.

He quoted his mother saying: "Success if like disco music; don’t analyse it, just dance to it."

The comedian said that he was a waiter for 18 years before he found fame and there is very little difference between an audience of four or 4,000 - you still have to have your timing right.

He has many of his family members working with him on the hit show and said he loves them all going on tour together to places like Australia.

"Nothing gives me more joy than being with my grand kids and seeing them every day." he said.

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