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Sir Trevor McDonald and Charlene White to front George Floyd documentary


Mural of George Floyd

Mural of George Floyd

Mural of George Floyd

Sir Trevor McDonald and Charlene White are to front a documentary on the impact of George Floyd’s death.

The one-hour ITV film will ask “a year on, what has really changed” in the UK.

Sir Trevor said: “The death of George Floyd a year ago sent waves of anger and frustration across the globe.

“It sparked a worldwide movement of such power and emotion. This film will explore what the legacy of the Black Lives Matter movement is in Britain.”

ITV News presenter White, who decided not to host the Society of Editors’ Press Awards because of the stance it took following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s accusations of racism in the media, said: “After the death of George Floyd came the worldwide explosion of one of the most poignant anti-racism messages of a generation: ‘Black Lives Matter’.

“But what impact, if any, did the movement have in Britain? Will it lead to any tangible change? And what about those who feel the movement has gone too far?”

The presenters ask “to what extent prejudice is embedded in British society” in the film, George Floyd: Has Britain Changed?

They “speak to people across Britain, from all walks of life, to gain an insight into the experiences of people in the UK”.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Mr Floyd’s neck, is on trial in the US on charges of murder and manslaughter.

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