Sunday 20 January 2019

Singing parrot Escobar is a 'real character' but gets stage fright on Ireland's Got Talent

Escobar and owner
Escobar and owner
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

A four-year-old parrot that can sing 10 songs and has more words than the average toddler will be getting everyone in a flap on TV3's Ireland's Got Talent tomorrow.

Escobar, a double yellow- headed Amazon parrot, could soar to new heights when viewers see one of the show's first non-human acts in action.

His proud owner, Kevin Lawler (38), an electrician from Blanchardstown, said Escobar is something of a celebrity in their area, thanks to his impressive repertoire.

"All the neighbours would be calling in and asking to see him and hear him singing," he said.

"He knows about 10 different songs at this stage and it was lots of hard work getting him to learn them.

"You have to just keep repeating the words over and over to him.

"I take him out for walks sometimes. I have a little harness for him and he just sits on my shoulder when we go out and you get such a reaction from people.

"They call me the 'parrot man' in the area, everyone knows him."

Escobar and owner
Escobar and owner

Kevin said Escobar makes a great companion, given his entertaining and friendly nature.

"He's a brilliant pet - he's like a dog that can talk to you," said Kevin.

"I have him in the bed with me sometimes. The only time he goes in his cage is when I have to go out."

He said the breed is one of the best for talking and performing, describing Escobar as a "real character" and saying he entered him for a "bit of craic".

Escobar even has his own Facebook page with nearly 500 followers as Kevin regularly posts videos of him singing.

"A few people told me I should enter him and I just thought, well, why not give it a go?" he said.

Escobar was due to sing The Fields Of Athenry for the panel of judges.

However, things don't exactly go according to plan, as viewers will see tomorrow night, after Escobar gets a touch of stage fright.

Also taking to the stage will be Izzy the Beagle and her owner Amy Flanagan (15), from Cork.


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