Wednesday 20 November 2019

Sinead Kennedy felt 'vindicated' when Winning Streak returned having been replaced by Million Euro Challenge

The popular show had been replaced by Nicky Byrne's Million Euro Challenge

Sinead Kennedy
Sinead Kennedy

Sean O'Grady

Sinead Kennedy has said she was "gutted" when her game show was pulled off the air - but felt vindicated when it was reinstated.

The long-running Winning Streak was pulled to make room for Nicky Byrne's The Million Euro Challenge in 2015 as a seasonal replacement.

But viewers quickly switched off over the confusing rules and RTE canned it after just one series, with Sinead admitting she felt vindicated.

"Obviously you're gutted because your gig is being taken off the air, but the show had been going a long time and people wanted to try something new," she told RSVP Magazine.


"For me it came at a great time because I had just got married and had no honeymoon so I went off backpacking for six weeks when our run ended."

Sinead (35) worked behind the camera for Nicky's game show for a while, an experience she found "strange".

"When I came back I actually ended up working on the Million Euro Challenge behind the scenes, which was a strange one for me, but you have to park your ego at the door," she said. "I was delighted when Winning Streak returned, you feel a little bit vindicated, like, 'they did love it'.

"If Winning Streak is even moved from its time slot half the audience will miss it because they are at mass," she said.

"But there's a stereotype that that's the only audience we reach, which isn't the case at all."

Sinead thinks the secret to Winning Streak's success is that virtually anyone can find themselves on it.

"It must be such a life-changing moment to be staring at the television on a Saturday night and be like, 'that's actually me'. On any other show, contestants would be researched and checked within an inch of their life," she said.

"We get anyone and everyone from all walks of life and that is the joy of it."

Sinead would love the opportunity to replace Amanda Byram as host of Dancing With The Stars but doesn't think it will happen.

"I'm already on a primetime slot on a weekend night and there are only two available," she said.


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