Friday 22 November 2019

Shocker for Fair City fans as Katy's escape is thwarted by Farrah's miscarriage

Farrah loses her baby on Fair City
Farrah loses her baby on Fair City Newsdesk Newsdesk

After a year cooped up in Ciaran’s tiny room, Katy finally looks set for freedom.

However, Fair City fans are in for a twist.


In this evening’s episode, Katy is delighted to be leaving the confines of her room and venturing into the outside world with Ciaran by her side, but things do not go according to plan.

Fair City
Fair City

Just as the pair are set to leave the workshop, Ciaran gets a call saying Farrah has been rushed to hospital.

A concerned Ciaran leaves Katy and rushes to the hospital to be with Farrah, who is pregnant with his child.

Fair City
Fair City

The couple are devastated when they learn Farrah has lost the baby.

Ciaran is desperate to make sense of the situation and starts quizzing Bob about what happened.

Bob tells him about an argument Farrah and Emmet had over exactly where posters with details of Katy’s disappearance could be displayed in Phelan’s.

There may be a slight accent issue when Fair City makes its Scottish debut next week... 

Ciaran becomes convinced that this resulted in Farrah’s miscarriage.

He rushes out of the hospital, leaving a distraught Farrah, and tracks down Emmet. Ciaran pins Emmet to a wall and warns him that one day he will “be the one to suffer”.

The emotional episode was a challenge to film for Caroline Harvey, who plays Farrah.

“Farrah’s world is turned upside down when she loses her baby,” she said.

“I found filming some of the scenes emotional. I think we all have someone in our lives who has had to go through this situation and they were on my mind while filming the scenes.”

Is Katy ever gettin ourra her box? Petition hopes to end the Fair City storyline ASAP 


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