Wednesday 23 October 2019

'She has got her eye out so you never know' - Red Rock actress Roisin O'Donovan on Niamh's fling with Rory

Redhead Roisin on getting down and dirty with corrupt detective Rory
Redhead Roisin on getting down and dirty with corrupt detective Rory
Roisin O'Donovan
Sorcha O'Connor

Sorcha O'Connor

Actress Roisin O'Donovan has revealed that the favourite aspect of her role as Red Rock's angelic Niamh Reid was jumping into bed with hunk Chris Newman.

Redhead Roisin said it was a joy to throw off her goody two-shoes image and get down and dirty with corrupt detective Rory.

"That was just great fun. I loved doing that," she said.

"Niamh is such a good girl. She has such a strong moral compass and she's the calm in the storm.

"She always does the right thing, so it was such a pleasure to throw caution to the wind and just go for it and have this fling with Rory. It was so much fun to do."

The one-night stand resulted in the end of Niamh's relationship with garda Sean 'Westlife' Holden, but Roisin is not letting on if romance is in store this season.

"I can't say, but she has got her eye out so you never know," she said.

"She and Rory had their little friendship but that was it. There was no romance there."

In Red Rock, Niamh is currently looking after her sister, Rachel, who suffered a drug overdose at a rave.

"She's back picking up the pieces with her sister as always," said Roisin.

"Niamh has to mind everybody and make sure everyone is doing well. She's a lovely girl.

"I was at an event recently and someone came up and said hello and said she loved the show and really liked Niamh.

"I was chatting to her and she said, 'God, you are as nice as your character'. I was like, 'That's the loveliest thing I ever heard'.

"What a compliment, but I don't know if I could ever be quite as good as Niamh. I wouldn't be quite as angelic - definitely not. "

Niamh does form a new, close bond with garda Ash Cahill over the rest of the season.

"She and Ash find a way to chat about their experiences and develop a friendship with each other," said Roisin.

"They're two women who can really rely on each other and care about each other."

Roisin recently returned from Italy, where she was filming Vivere, in which she plays an Irish au-pair to an Italian family.

"It was an incredible experience working with some of the best Italian filmmakers," she said.

"I had to speak Italian, which I didn't speak before, so I had to work with a dialect coach and learn my lines."

Shooting finished in December, and the film will be released soon.

"I saw a rough cut and it's a gorgeous film, super colourful," said Roisin.

"I hope it does really well. It was fantastic, and it's the beginning of a new language for me."

Red Rock is on Virgin Media One tonight at 9pm

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