Sunday 26 January 2020

'She deserves to win on her own' - Love Island's original Laura praised for comforting love rival Laura over Jack

Laura Anderson on Love Island
Laura Anderson on Love Island
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Laura Anderson has been garnering praise from Love Island viewers after she comforted New Laura in the wake of the lie detector test.

Despite the fact that New Laura had asked Jack some very pointed questions about Original Laura during the test, and despite the fact she had effectively stolen Jack from her, Original Laura was still there to wipe away New Laura's tears on Tuesday night's episode.

The fallout of the test was explosive, as Jack and Dani had a war of words, Megan had a meltdown over her past, and even Josh and Kaz worried about being smug.

New Laura was feeling low after she found out the public didn't think her relationship with Jack would survive beyond the villa walls.  She was also feeling a little miffed that Jack admitted there were other girls he believed were better looking than New Laura in the villa.

As she shed a few tears on the balcony, Original Laura was right by her side to wipe them away and offer the younger woman some words of support.

"I’ve travelled since I was so young. Anything that’s been thrown at me I’ve just like taken it on the chin and been like ‘nah Laura you’re good’.  Now, all of a sudden, because I’m liking a boy, and I’m on my arse like, ‘oh f**k’.” said New Laura between sobs.

Laura Crane, aka New Laura, has been upset ever since the lie detector test. PIC: ITV
Laura Crane, aka New Laura, has been upset ever since the lie detector test. PIC: ITV

Original Laura replied, "Stop being so hard on yourself. You and Jack are fine. You know how you feel, you just have to trust the situation.”

Viewers were impressed by the fact that Original Laura, who is currently coupled up with Paul, was willing to reach out to the woman who effectively stole her man, and some called for the £50,000 prize to be handed over to her alone.

Love Island continues on 3e at 9pm.

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