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Sharon and Rory to face off in 'intense' Red Rock finale


Red Rock

Red Rock

Red Rock

The scene is set for an explosive season finale on Red Rock this week as TV3 screens three drama-filled episodes on successive night today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

It all comes to a head in the nail-biting final episodes as Sharon begins to unravel the truth behind dirty cop Rory's dealings with crime boss Laser Byrne.

Several weeks have passed since Rory (Chris Newman) murdered Robbie Scanlon to save him from a slow, torturous death at the hands of Laser and now Sharon is determined to find out what happened.

Jane McGrath, who plays the good-natured cop, said Sharon's relationship with Rory will be tested like never before.

"The last time we saw Sharon, she ended up confronting her superintendent and telling him it was Rory that was involved in organised crime," she told the Herald.

"It was a great cliffhanger. The next three episodes are quite intense.

"It's a good thing they are putting them on in a row because it doesn't stop, it keeps going. There are quite a few tough decisions Sharon has to make and they're probably the hardest decisions she will ever make in her life."

Rory and Sharon have long had feelings for each other, but whether their relationship will be able to survive the finale remains to be seen.

"They have a relationship but it's not clear they are boyfriend and girlfriend," said Jane.

"She really likes him and she's hoping to prove herself wrong but, as she finds out the truth, she sees his true colours and it's more upsetting for her."

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Rory's grandfather Jim (Patrick Bergin) is doing his best to protect his grandson from harm but, when Sharon comes asking questions, it remains unclear how much longer he can protect him.

Jane praised the show's cast which endured gruelling 12-hour days to wrap up the show's third season.

"There were a lot of meetings going on while we were shooting and I can't get over how amazing everyone has been," she added.

Red Rock airs tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday on TV3 at 10pm.

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