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Samantha Mumba has been scrolling Irish property websites despite loving life in LA


Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba has told how she puts herself to sleep at night by perusing houses on property websites and dreaming of snapping up a home in Ireland, despite loving life in LA.

She told Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show: “Everyone has a thing to unwind before they sleep, and Daft is my thing.

“I love Howth, Clontarf, I’ve been a Drumcondra girl all my life.”

The Gotta Tell You singer said live was going well in LA and that she had been “spoiled in the past” by being able to come home four or five times a year, but Covid put an end to that and that was when she started looking at homes in Ireland.

Mumba spoke of her adoration for daughter Sage (6) with her policeman husband Torray Scales. She has been homeschooling Sage, and the child’s first day back at school came when the mother and daughter were travelling back to Ireland from LA recently.

Mumba is currently filming a new reality talent show, Last Singer Standing, for RTÉ.

“She (Sage) is the literal love of my life,” Mumba said. “She’s watching at home with my mam.

“She just started (homeschool). The first day back was her first day of first grade. “Kindergarten, I did myself. She’s on and Zooming with other kids. I have to Zoom with a teacher once a week to make sure I am doing what I’m supposed to do,” Samantha said.

Mumba also told how she’d brought her little girl to a children’s Black Lives Matter protest in LA because she wanted her daughter to realise she’d been part of the movement in years to come.

“My daughter would see these protests and wanted to be involved,” she said.

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“She still doesn’t understand the gravitas of it. There was a kids’ one [protest] and she got to march round the park with her peers… We’re black, we live in America, when she looks back, she can see she was involved.

“Kids are very smart, I was so proud of her. She gave it socks.

“I’ve always been proud to be a Dub and I’ve been lucky with my upbringing… America was an eye opener.”

Tubridy asked the singer’s opinion on Britney Spears and the conservatorship case with her father.

“Britney is a beautiful girl,” Mumba responded. “I’ve met her several times, she is a lovely girl.

“I still don’t know how that happened.

“I don’t want to watch the documentary. Thankfully it looks like the tables are turning [for her.]”

Mumba said she was “so proud as an Irish person” when she saw Ireland march after the George Floyd murder by policeman Derek Chauvin.

“It was horrendous what happened,” she said.

Ireland rugby legend Paul O’Connell, who’s now a coach for the Ireland squad, also spoke to Tubridy, telling the presenter he hadn’t really considered the difference in men’s and women’s sport until he became a father.

O’Connell has contributed to a cooking book called Home, which is on sale at Aldi. Proceeds from the book will go towards children’s charity Barnardos, for whom he is an ambassador. 

The dad of two boys Paddy and Felix and one girl, Lola (6) praised Paralympic gold medalist Ellen Keane and Olympic gold medalist, Kellie Harrington, saying: “I was never really aware of men’s and women’s sports, now I have a six-year-old girl, I’m saying ‘look at this and that.’

“We are big fans of Ellen Keane. It took being a dad to realise the importance of role models.

“I think there will be an explosion of women’s sports and I think it will be great for the country, for the health of young people.

“The saying is you have to see it to be it.”