Friday 15 November 2019

Ryan Tubridy wants to kick Ray D'Arcy's ass 'like a gentleman' when their shows go head to head

Ray D'Arcy and Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Collins
Ray D'Arcy and Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Collins
From left: Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh, Ryan Tubridy, George Hook and Majella O’Donnell preparing for the ‘Late Late Show’ dance-off. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Ryan Tubridy is looking forward to "kicking ass … like a gentleman" when 'The Late Late Show' and Ray D'Arcy's upcoming Saturday night show go head to head.

Tubridy wants "the best show in town", but insists there is nothing but "friendly rivalry" between himself and D'Arcy.

"We'll be competing, we'll want to kick each other's asses, but you can do so like a gentleman," Tubridy told the Irish Independent. "I think it will be a harmonious future."

Asked if he was concerned D'Arcy would eventually usurp him as host of RTÉ's juggernaut chat show, Tubridy said: "It's my show until they tell me go home."

Tonight is the last episode in the current series of 'The Late Late Show'. Tubridy cited interviews with Russell Crowe and Gabriel Byrne as highlights of the season.

This evening George Hook, Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh, Majella O'Donnell and Dermot Bannon will take part in a charity dance-off.

Hook will perform the Charleston, Walsh the salsa and Bannon will do a Bollywood inspired routine.

Majella O'Donnell, who will perform the jive, said: "I usually do the jive with Daniel - who is a fantastic dancer - so it's taken a lot of practise."

The couple are currently working on a TV series about the best B&Bs in Ireland.

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