Saturday 16 November 2019

Ryan Tubridy vs Ray D'Arcy - Tubridy's Late Late Show streaks ahead in ratings war

Ray D'Arcy and Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Collins
Ray D'Arcy and Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Collins Newsdesk Newsdesk

Ryan Tubridy's Late Late Show is streets ahead of Ray D'Arcy's Saturday night chat show.

Viewing figures seen by shows last Friday's Late Late Show attracted some 585,400 viewers, giving the show a total audience share of 45pc.

D'Arcy's show on Saturday night attracted some 361,700 viewers, giving them an audience share of 28pc, according to figures supplied by RTE.

Friday night's Late Late Show was up on the previous week when it had some 514,600 viewers tuning in, giving it a 40pc share.

Ryan Tubridy interviews Christy Dignam on Late Late Show Pic: RTE One
Ryan Tubridy interviews Christy Dignam on Late Late Show Pic: RTE One

D'Arcy's first Saturday night programme - on September 26th - pulled in an audience of some 468,500 viewers and a 35pc share of the available audience.

This means that D'Arcy lost more than 100,000 viewers in one week.

Ray D'Arcy with Donncha O'Callaghan on the first The Ray D'Arcy Show
Ray D'Arcy with Donncha O'Callaghan on the first The Ray D'Arcy Show

A consideration for the dip in viewing figures is that a portion of D'Arcy's show was up against the second half of the Rugby World Cup match between England and Australia. The match started at 8pm, and finished shortly before 10pm. The Ray D'Arcy show began broadcasting at 9.50pm.

England lost the match - so many viewers might have been following commentary after the match had finished.

TV3 - who have the broadcasting rights to the Rugby World Cup - said the match commanded a 685,000 average with a 42pc audience share, and peaked at 802,300 viewers.

D'Arcy's new chat show replaced the axed Saturday Night Show, which was hosted by Brendan O'Connor until May 30 when it wrapped following its fifth season.

RTE has previously stated that it "does not pitch shows against each other" as they all "work for the same brand".

However, rivalry is inevitable, particularly now that D'Arcy's show follows almost exactly the same classic chat show format at the Late Late.

D'Arcy's return to RTE television after 14 years came in the wake of his move from Today FM to RTE Radio 1 in January when he filled the 3pm weekday slot vacated by Derek Mooney.

RTE insist there is nothing to worry about and say figures for D'Arcy's show is in line with their expectations.

"As expected the popularity of the Rugby World Cup and increasingly competitive weekend schedules across all channels is impacting viewing figures.

"Despite this viewers still chose to tune in to the Ray D’Arcy Show in large numbers with Ray’s moving interview with Niamh Ni Dhomhnail on Saturday night generating a hugely positive reaction from the Irish public.

"It’s very early days for the show and as with any brand new series it will continue to evolve and build a connection with its audience over the coming weeks and months."

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