Monday 20 January 2020

RTÉ's big earners like Tubridy 'are worth every cent', insists Rosenstock

Ryan Tubridy earns €495,000. Picture: Steve Humphreys
Ryan Tubridy earns €495,000. Picture: Steve Humphreys
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Broadcaster Mario Rosenstock has said that he believes RTÉ's top 10 earners are worth every cent.

The Today FM Sunday show presenter has said that Ryan Tubridy - whose annual salary is €495,000 - is worth the money as he contributes so much to the State broadcaster.

"I do think the big earners are worth it because their salaries only represent less than 1pc of RTÉ's overall operating costs.

"If Ryan is doing 37 episodes of live TV every year and then five hours of live radio every week on top of that, then he deserves every cent.

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"'The Late Late Show' is totally live so he deserves his 'danger money'," he said.

"Everyone goes on about Graham Norton. He doesn't do live TV. His show films for three-and-a-half hours and then they take the best bits out of it. Of course Ryan deserves his salary. His time isn't his own and he doesn't get any privacy."

Rosenstock believes the overall problem with RTÉ's current financial crisis is too many people in middle management.

The Government is giving the company a €50m cash injection over the next five years after it recorded a €13m deficit in 2018.

"There's too many guys in there on €102,000 a year and nobody knows what they do," he said.

"Being in middle management is not a creative position. It's like the health service. There's too many administrators, too much connective tissue and not enough sheer creativity.

"Just like the health service, RTÉ has too many layers and they're not all essential."

He said there were "lots of elements" to its current crisis, not least the licence fee issue.

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