Sunday 25 August 2019

RTE receives 16 complaints over Ray D'Arcy's 'sexist' Pamela Anderson interview

Pamela Anderson pictured at RTE Studios for her appearance on The Ray Darcy Show
Pamela Anderson pictured at RTE Studios for her appearance on The Ray Darcy Show
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

RTE's Ray D'Arcy Show received 16 complaints over his "sexist" interview with Pamela Anderson.

The national broadcaster received nine formal complaints and also seven further emails and phone calls from disgusted viewers.

Many members of the public took to Twitter to complain in about the manner in which the Saturday night interview was handled with the former Baywatch star.

Clad in a tight black mini-dress, it was Anderson's first time on Irish TV and came shortly after revealing she had been cured of Hepatitis C.

At one point during the 18-minute-long interview, D'Arcy displayed a photo of the Canadian receiving a knighthood from the Prince of Montenegro and said: "There you are, on your knees in front of the Prince of Montenegro."

He also asked her about her two sons, Brandon and Dylan, she had with ex-husband, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, and then added: "Do they, as teenage boys know the effect that you've had on other teenage boys?"

Alluding to her sex tape with Lee, Anderson said how she had "never seen it because it was stolen". D'Arcy then replied: "You didn't need to, you were there."

D'Arcy concluded the interview by saying: "It was great, I was going to say, having you. I should really rephrase that."

Many watching the show took to social media to express their outrage at the nature of the interview.

One viewer said that D'Arcy was a "sad example of a sexist lewd '70s comedian".

Another viewer thought that the guest could have cut short the interview.

"I'm surprised Pamela Anderson didn't walk off the Ray Darcy show," they said.

Asked about the exact nature of the complaints, RTE said: "We wouldn't reveal that amount of detail."

A representative said that they did not wish to comment any further to the claims that it was a sexist interview.

Representatives for Ms Anderson were unavailable for comment.

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