Tuesday 25 June 2019

RTE forked out double for Tubs' suits in 2014 as Miriam's costs also rose

Ryan Tubridy: Headed back to RTE Radio 1
Ryan Tubridy: Headed back to RTE Radio 1

Sharon McGowan

RTE spent over €35,000 on wardrobe allowances for its three top chat shows last year.

The amount forked out for both The Late Late Show and The Saturday Night Show doubled compared to the previous year's budgets.

The state broadcaster spent €20,689 on kitting out staff, guests and contributors, including host Ryan Tubridy, on the Late Late Show, in 2014, despite spending just €9,519 in 2013.

According to figures obtained by the Herald through a Freedom of Information request, the Saturday Night Show, which was fronted by broadcaster Brendan O'Connor at the time, spent €7,582 on wardrobe costs last year, compared with €3,564 in 2013.

Miriam O'Callaghan
Miriam O'Callaghan

The amount spent on clothing also rose slightly for Miriam O'Callaghan's summer chat show Saturday Night with Miriam.

The wardrobe costs rose from €6,680 in 2013 to €7,112 in 2014.

While the Prime Time presenter's series recorded the lowest increase among the three series, the cost of wardrobe per episode was the highest, with an average of €889 spent per show.

Speaking to the Herald last night, Miriam said the figures are not reflective of the cost of clothing and they refer to the cost of wardrobe staff.

Spirit: Ryan Tubridy showcased the latest toy crazes on the 'Toy Show'.
Spirit: Ryan Tubridy showcased the latest toy crazes on the 'Toy Show'.

"Those figures are primarily all the costs of the hours worked by the staff in wardrobe department, not my clothes," she explained.

"My clothes budget is teeny for my chat show and, for the record, I get absolutely nothing for my Prime Time clothes, although I am on TV a minimum of twice a week and get no money either for getting my hair done."

RTE also responded to the figures, adding that despite the increases, the budgets had not changed.

"The costs reflect the nature of production in a given year and the types of items that were produced during that particular season," a statement from the national broadcaster said.

"It is the responsibility of the producer to prioritise their spend based on the editorial nature of the show.

"For example, The Late Late Toy Show's interval and opening acts in 2014 featured more performers and therefore more costumes than the previous year."

The opening act of the 2014 Toy Show featured 46 performers singing and dancing.

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