Thursday 18 July 2019

'RTE can sometimes be a bit constricted in how they approach a topic' - Sarah McInerney to present new TV3 politics show

Sarah McInerney at TV3's new season launch at The National Concert Hall. Picture: Gareth Chaney Collins
Sarah McInerney at TV3's new season launch at The National Concert Hall. Picture: Gareth Chaney Collins
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Sarah McInerney has said her new Sunday politics programme on TV3 will offer something very different to rival RTE show The Week in Politics.

The Newstalk presenter, who recently moved from presenting Newstalk Drive on weekdays to her own Saturday politics show on the station, will front The Sunday Show on TV3 from this weekend.

"We're going to try to bring in a little light and shade.  It's not going to be The Week in Politics three hours later - here we go again on a different channel!" she laughs.

"They approach it in a certain way.  They have reports from the Oireachtas and things like that.  We're not going to be doing any of that.

"There will be a profile interview with different people every week and we're going to bring slightly different voices to look at the week that was - people you wouldn't necessarily expect, not your pol corrs, not your politicians, not necessarily wackier, just a different perspective."

The presenter, who was named News Broadcaster of the Year at the IMRO Awards last weekend, concedes the show will not be dissimilar to RTE's Cutting Edge in that respect.

"Cutting Edge is showing what you can do with current affairs and it is on RTE," she says.

"I think Irish people - I don't know if we're different from other countries in this - but I certainly thing Irish people love a good row.  They just love a good barney and that's what Cutting Edge is doing really well - bringing in these really strong opinions, just thrashing things out and that's what Vincent did so well, was really just let at it.

"So what if there's a little bit of shouting!"

Given both TV3 and RTE have a plethora of current affairs shows already up and running from the Tonight show and Pat Kenny on the former and Claire Byrne Live and Prime Time on the latter she says it is important her show has a point of difference.

"I don't necessarily want to be down on RTE but I think sometimes they're a little bit constricted in how they approach a topic," she tells

"They can be very very straight down the line which is important for the national broadcaster to do; give an objective journalistic perspective.

"But I think TV3 and Newstalk and independent radio allow for a little bit more of your personality and your own views to come through as a broadcaster while also trying to be, and being perceived to be, fair and objective, and I think it's possible to do that.

"You can have a view that the Labour Party has really messed up on something and really go hard at them about that and give your view on that and then do the same for Fianna Fail.  It doesn't meant you're pro one or the other. 

"I think independent productions allow for a little bit more personality. That's just the nature of it."

The first show will see Sarah examine the fall-out from the budget and the clash of TDs and senators at last week’s Oireachtas committee on the 8th Amendment.

The Sunday Show with Sarah McInerney starts Sunday, 15th October at 4.30pm on TV3.

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