Saturday 25 May 2019

Rosie Williams thinks Alex George and Ellie Brown's romance on Love Island is 'very forced'

Rosie Williams on Love Island (ITV)
Rosie Williams on Love Island (ITV)
Adam Collard apologises to Rosie Williams (ITV)
Rosie Williams has accused fellow Love Island contestant Zara McDermott of having a game plan (ITV)
Rosie Williams has been dumped from Love Island after Friday’s recoupling. (ITV/PA)

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Rosie Williams thinks Alex George and Ellie Brown's romance is "very forced".

The ousted 'Love Island' contestant has urged the pair to "chill out a bit" and relax in one another's company because she feels their relationship isn't what it seems as they are not letting things happen naturally.

She told Daily Star Online: "Alex and Ellie are a difficult one.

"I hope for Alex's sake they are, but I had a chat with him and it's very forced. They over think a lot, them two.

“I think when it comes to relationships it should be natural. You shouldn't think, 'Am I touching her in a certain way, am I speaking to her in a certain way?' You should just go with the flow. That's when things are built.

"I just hope for their sake they can chill out a bit and just enjoy each others' company now they're a couple."

The 26-year-old beauty also warned newcomer Zara McDermott not to expect things to last with her former show partner, Adam Collard.

She said: "I do think he'll do the same to Zara. I actually said to Zara, 'Four girls in two weeks is a pattern, it's not a coincidence, be careful.'

"I hope for her sake he doesn't, because I wouldn't want her going through what I went through."

And Rosie is concerned about her friend Laura Anderson getting involved with Wes Nelson as she's not sure they're strong enough to stay together once filming stops.

She said: "I've always had my ups and downs with Wes and Laura.

"I think Laura is genuinely into Wes and cares about him. She's 29 and is looking for someone who could potentially be her husband.

"She's my friend and shares her concerns when it comes to Wes, which is why Adam and I voted for them as least compatible couple, because we do think the real test will be when they leave the villa and Wes has a lot of female attention.

"I just hope for Laura's sake that it's genuine. It's a massive test for everyone in the villa, but we're not naive to the fact that there's tests as soon as you come out because your lives are never the same again."

While she may have left the villa alone, Rosie isn't feeling too upset at not finding love as she's hopeful there are more guys out there.

She said: "Maybe Mr Right is in my DMs (direct messages)!

"The last thing I said before I left the villa was, 'Guys, I'm gonna check my DMs and maybe I'll have a guy by the time you get out of here.'

"I'm intrigued to see who's in there to be honest, maybe Adam with a personality is in my DMs."

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