Sunday 18 August 2019

'Rose tattoo was like a cat's backside - it was the worst I ever had', says Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell describes his tattoo on the Late Late Show with James Corden
Colin Farrell describes his tattoo on the Late Late Show with James Corden
Dumbo star Colin Farrell with the movie’s director, Tim Burton. Photo: Henry Nicholls

Jim Gallagher

Colin Farrell has said one of his former tattoos was so gross that it resembled "a cat's ass on a chopstick".

The former hellraiser told viewers of the US Late Late Show that he got the rose tattooed on his chest at 3am in New York after a drunken session.

To make matters worse, the 42-year-old actor believed the man who did it had never done one before.

"The place was closed and I knocked on the door. I think his mates were off getting some beer," he said.

"He said they would be back soon and I said in a drunken slur: 'You jush do it!'

"And he did. It was a rose, but it looked like a cat's ass on a chopstick."

When host James Corden said he could imagine exact- ly what the tattoo looked like from Farrell's colourful

Farrell said it was one of the most painful tattoos he had got removed.

"It's sore, sore, to get them removed," he said, adding that it was much more painful than getting them inked on.

"It's apples and oranges. I'm getting rid of them as I got tired of getting painted in the make-up chair any time I wear a T-shirt.

"It gets me an extra 45 minutes sleep in the morning. None of them had that much significance to me."

The Dumbo star said the rose was "without doubt" the worst he had.


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