Monday 14 October 2019

Robin Wright says on-screen alter ego 'frightens the hell' out of her

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in House of Cards
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in House of Cards

Robin Wright admits her House of Cards character "frightens the hell" out of her.

The 48-year-old actress stars in the Netflix series as Claire Underwood, the lobbyist wife of Kevin Spacey's lead character Frank. Claire is known for her cut-throat persona and cold-hearted approach to politics alongside her husband.

Robin enjoys having such an exciting role, but she is sometimes scared by what her character is capable of.

“I’m fortunate to get to work every day with the most powerful woman on television - and certainly in Washington," Robin explained to Backstage magazine.

"She makes me laugh all the time and then, in an instant, can frighten the hell out of me. Her talent is brilliant and razor-sharp. Her Claire is a character for the ages.”

Robin continued to reveal she relies on "the look of intention" while playing Claire rather than long-winded lines. When asked what the key to playing such a quiet and manipulative person is, the blonde actress put the secret down to her costume.

“People laugh, but it’s true: The minute I put on a pair of Spanx, it’s like - ” Robin quipped while snapping her fingers. “‘There she is, baby!’ That’s all it took. I’d never worn Spanx before in my life!”

The second series has just wrapped up and fans are eagerly awaiting a third. Robin marked her directorial debut with the episode Chapter 23 and with another season to come, she is determined to put her skills on display again.

“Can I do that instead of act? Maybe I’m a control freak," she smiled. "You want to paint that picture and it’s your picture, your vision. And I love working with a team. It feels like home, building something together."

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