Saturday 21 September 2019

Psycho Dr Oakley returns to Fair City hell bent on revenge tonight

Fair City Dr Oakley
Fair City Dr Oakley
Fair City Emmet
Fair City siege
Fair City siege

Sean O'Grady


The actor who plays twisted Dr Oakley on Fair City has revealed that he used a bestselling book about psychopaths to prepare for the dark role.

All hell breaks loose in Carrigstown tonight as Dr Oakley, played by Marcus Lamb, returns and is hell-bent on revenge.

Despite being apprehended by gardai, the crazed doctor has escaped prison and has his sights set on the Phoenix Way members.

Fair City Emmet
Fair City Emmet

Viewers watched him capture Miriam (Sorcha Fox) and Emmet (Daithi Mac Suibhne) and he is now holding them hostage, as the pair fear for what he has in store for them.

Speaking about his character, Marcus said Oakley just loves causing "absolute mayhem" on the show.

Fair City siege
Fair City siege

"He's very driven and anyone who gets in his way is dead meat. It's been brilliant to cause absolute mayhem. He instigates everything," he told the Today Show on RTE One.

In preparation for taking on the role, Marcus told how he read Jon Ronson's bestselling book The Psychopath Test to understand his character's mindset.

Fair City siege
Fair City siege

"Apparently 7pc of people in power have psychopathic tendencies," he said.

"That's why they can fire people and not feel anything.

"Just because you have psychopathic tendencies doesn't mean you're going to kill anyone, but unfortunately this doctor falls into the other category."

Tonight sees Dr Oakley put former ally Emmet and former flame Miriam in grave danger once again.

It's not long before Emmet's parents Debbie (Niamh Daly) and Eoghan (Alan Hawley) realise that they have gone missing and begin to suspect that Emmet may have run away.

Miriam pleads with Oakley to let Emmet go but he doesn't listen.

Emmet tries to make a call for help but his hopes of escape are thwarted when Oakley catches him trying to use the phone and stomps on his hand.

Things take a dark turn when the twisted doctor pits a terrified Emmet and Miriam against each other in a fight for their lives.

Oakley had been causing trouble for the residents of Carrigstown in recent weeks before his arrest.

He already held several members of the Phoenix Way captive in the O'Brien house were they stayed, including Damien's (Maclean Burke) baby daughter Saoirse.

Elsewhere, Robbie (Karl Shiels) is left unimpressed by Carol (Aisling O'Neill) and Cathal (Eric Lalor) stealing all the booze from the station bar in act of revenge for his fling with Aoife.

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