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Professor Brian Cox makes space for role in Postman Pat


The physicist voices the role of space expert Professor Farrow in the CBeebies show.

It’s not a star role, but Professor Brian Cox has landed a part in children’s TV show Postman Pat.

The 49-year-old physicist appears in cartoon form, voicing the role of space expert Professor Farrow in an episode of the show which airs on Wednesday.

In real life, the pop star turned TV presenter is in Australia, filming Stargazing Live.

In the CBeebies show’s Greendale setting, Professor Cox’s alter-ego Professor Farrow recreates the surface of the moon.

The episode will see Postman Pat, who has always yearned to be an astronaut, take hold of his special delivery, a space suit, as his van breaks down.

:: The new episode airs at 7.25am on Wednesday.

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