Saturday 16 November 2019

Pregnant killer Kerri-Ann left bloodied by violent attack on Fair City tonight

Kerri-Ann is left bloodied after the violent attack by Aoife. Fair City
Kerri-Ann is left bloodied after the violent attack by Aoife. Fair City

Allison Bray

Fair City fans are in for a tense rollercoaster ride tonight when murder accused Kerri-Ann Boyle is left battered and bleeding while in garda custody.

The pregnant murderess is left with blood streaming down her face after Aoife savagely attacks her in an interview room at Carrigstown Garda Station.

Unknown to gardai, the mother of murder victim Karen was intent on unleashing her fury on her daughter’s killer but managed to convince detectives that she simply wanted to face Karen’s killer to get closure.

Cork actress Lesley Conroy (44), who plays the grieving mother, said it was a treat to film the violent scene with co-star Jenny Dixon, who plays Kerri-Ann.

Aoife attacks Kerri Ann, Fair City
Aoife attacks Kerri Ann, Fair City

“The writing was great, really strong. It was great to see two women go head-to-head at a table, no bells and whistles, just dialogue and emotion.”

In order to prepare for the scene she stuck to the old adage that “revenge is a dish best served cold” and kept on Kerri-Ann’s “good side”, even enquiring about how her pregnancy was going.

“I wanted it to look like it was coming from a place of reconciliation, to look at the killer eye to eye and understand the motive behind the crime and to get a sense of the victim’s last moments before the attack,” she said.

“So in terms of revenge, I wanted to keep it very loose and to keep the audience on their toes – ‘will she, won’t she attack her?’.”

But when Kerri-Ann reveals the sordid details of the killing, Aoife lashes out in a violent rage.

Fortunately for Jenny, they were able to film the scenes without any risk to the actors.

“We had a stuntwoman in to do the stunt,” Lesley revealed. “It was great on set. The atmosphere was very focused and you could hear a pin drop.”

Fair City, RTE One, 8pm


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