Saturday 19 October 2019

'Please don't ever feel ashamed' - Sophia Murphy appeals to victims of abuse to come forward in emotional Late Late Show interview

Sophia Murphy on The Late Late Show
Sophia Murphy on The Late Late Show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Sophia Murphy has appealed to victims of abuse to come forward in an emotional interview on Friday night's Late Late Show.

In July last year Sophia's father John Murphy was convicted of sexually assaulting and raping his eldest daughter from the age of three to 15.

Sophia, who is originally from Galway, waived her anonymity following the conviction so that her father could be named and to encourage other abuse victims to come forward.

On Friday's Late Late Show she shared part her story with host Ryan Tubridy and revealed the impact of the horrific, 'relentless' abuse on her life.

Sophia Murphy on the Late Late Show
Sophia Murphy on the Late Late Show

It started when she was just a toddler and her first memory of abuse is of being three and a half or four years old and being abused by her father on a bus outside her home as the bus driver stepped out to smoke a cigarette.

She was also sexually abused on her Communion day, and she revealed that she often inflicted severe injuries on herself as an outlet for her emotional pain.

Speaking to the viewers, Sophia appealed to any victims watching the programme to come forward, and pleaded with abusers not to ruin the lives of children.

"For anyone that's a victim of any form of abuse please don't ever feel ashamed," she said.

"You have done nothing wrong.  They know exactly how to break you down.  They know exactly what they're doing."

"For anyone who touches a child.  You are sick.  Just please, please think twice before you destroy a child's life.  It has destroyed our family."

Sophia said she hoped that victims would seek help in the wake of her interview.

"Please ring, please seek the help there is," she said.  "I know people say there is a long waiting list but even just pelase ring the helplines, please talk to someone."

There was a huge outpouring of support for Sophia on social media following her appearance on the show.

The mother of one also shares her harrowing yet powerful story in the first hour-long episode of the second season of the award-winning documentary series Finné (Witness) on TG4 on Wednesday.

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If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article you can contact the Rape Crisis Centre on their 24 Hour Helpline on 1800 778888 or visit

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