Monday 24 June 2019

Peter Casey claims he was 'set up' during Late Late Show interview with Ryan Tubridy

Peter Casey on The Late Late Show
Peter Casey on The Late Late Show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

PETER CASEY has hit out at Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy in the wake of his interview on the RTE chat show on Friday night, branding the presenter 'insulting' and 'unprofessional'.

The failed Presidential candidate, who achieved 20pc of the vote to come second behind Michael D Higgins in the race for the Aras, was booked to talk about the campaign, his controversial comments on the Travelling community, and his future plans.

He had made the comments during his appearance on the Virgin Media Television Presidential debate, hosted by Pat Kenny, in the course of the campaign.

His inclusion in the Late Late Show line-up divided opinion, with many people taking to Twitter before their show to condemn his inclusion, while many others were in favour of his appearance.

The audience was equally divided about the interview on the night.  Some felt Casey was 'out of his depth' while others felt the host treated his interviewee with 'contempt'.

Casey was unhappy with how the interview unfolded and, speaking to Niall Boylan on his Classic Hits 4fm show on Monday, he branded Tubridy 'insulting' and 'unprofessional'.

He said he met with the presenter in the Late Late Show green room prior to going on air and they 'mapped out' the interview.  He claims Tubridy agreed to spend no more than four minutes on the Traveller controversy.

He said he told the host that he wanted to "make it very clear" at some point in the conversation that "I am absolutely not a racist and if anyone voted for me because they felt that I was a racist then I would ask them to give their vote to someone else".

During his appearance, questions were invited from the audience and a woman who works with Pavee Point asked "why you thought it was okay to victimise Travellers further when we are already victimised in society".

A heated debate ensued between audience member, host, and guest and Casey ultimately asked Ryan Tubridy if he had "lost control" of the interview, and the host replied, "When I've lost control you'll know about it."

Speaking to Boylan about that segment of the interview, Casey said, “I was surprised and taken aback.  It shocked me to be quite honest.  I really felt he was supposed to be impartial.  He was supposed to be professional."

He said he had been advised by some people to "pull out" of the appearance before the show as they felt it was a "set up".

Asked by Boylan if he felt it was a ‘set up’, he said, “Without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely.  He was so unprofessional the way he behaved, and very patronising throughout.”

RTE declined to comment to about Peter Casey's comments.

You can watch the full interview with Peter Casey on Friday's Late Late Show on the RTE Player.

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