Thursday 17 October 2019

Pat Kenny woos director of axed 'Saturday Night Show' for new slot on UTV

Presenter Pat Kenny's new show, 'In the Round' will air before the summer
Presenter Pat Kenny's new show, 'In the Round' will air before the summer
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Pat Kenny has wasted no time in acquiring the services of the director of RTÉ's axed 'Saturday Night Show' for his new UTV Ireland chatshow.

Director Pat Cowap spent several seasons overseeing the successful RTÉ show.

The decision to drop Brendan O'Connor from the slot raised some eyebrows, but the key backroom players are quickly moving on.

Mr Cowap will begin work on UTV Ireland's 'In The Round' next week.

Produced by Coco Television, Mr Kenny's 13 one-hour-long instalments will be shot in front of a live audience in Dublin's Mansion House.

Five episodes will air before the summer, with the remaining eight in autumn 2015.

Mr Kenny told the Irish Independent that the initial episodes will not have a current affairs or political slant.

"Before the summer it won't be political, either with a big P or a small P. We only have a few episodes before the summer but then as we get into the winter, we're getting close to election time," he said.

The executive producer of 'The Saturday Night Show', Larry Masterson, will begin working on 'The Late Late Show' after the final series of Brendan O'Connor's programme finishes.

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