Saturday 20 July 2019

Pat Kenny 'delighted' his new show won't be 'run of the mill'

Pat Kenny will have a new show on the renamed channel. Photo: Gareth Chaney, Collins
Pat Kenny will have a new show on the renamed channel. Photo: Gareth Chaney, Collins
Sorcha O'Connor

Sorcha O'Connor

Pat Kenny insisted yesterday he was "absolutely delighted" with the change to his role at Virgin Media Television, which is the new name for the TV3 group from tomorrow.

It emerged last week that Kenny's regular Wednesday night slot on TV3 was being axed in favour of one-off debates with the veteran broadcaster on 'Pat Kenny's Big Debate'.

He said he was happy that every show would be a "big show" rather than doing the same weekly programme, particularly now that a presidential election has been called.

"It's going to be all the big issues, instead of week-in week-out, whatever happens to be on the agenda.

"We will fire up the big debate only when we have a really big thing - it certainly will be the presidential election, that's been announced today for October, the Budget, a general election, a health scandal, whatever it might be," he told the Irish Independent.

Mr Kenny agreed with director of programming Bill Malone's comment last week that this decision was off the back of the success of his debate during the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

"They want to try capture that same mood of that particular debate with different subjects, depending on what the hot topic of the day is," he said.

Mr Kenny said the show would give him the opportunity to return to the successful format of 'The Frontline', which he hosted on RTÉ at the time of the last presidential election.

"It's more like the old 'The Frontline' programme I used to do on RTÉ which was hugely successful and which hosted the last presidential debate," said Mr Kenny.

"Every show should be a big show rather than a run-of-the-mill show."

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