Sunday 27 May 2018

Operation Transformation: John Conmy's wife hits back after criticism from 'pissed off' dietician

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The wife of Operation Transformation leader John Conmy has rejected last week's criticism from dietician Aoife Hearne.

At last week’s weigh-in professional chef John was told by Aoife that she was "pissed off" that his wife Evonne made his meatballs and said that he should be taking responsibility for himself.

On last night's episode, however, Evonne hit back and spoke about the support the couple has received online from the public.

“People didn’t agree with what she said," said Evonne, "Her comments just were not appropriate at all. She condemned him and they actually thought that myself and John working together as a team was absolutely fantastic and they told us to keep going and not to take a blind bit of notice of anything she said, which we haven’t”.

'Part of me was a bit p***ed off when I saw your wife making your meatballs' - Operation Transformation's dietician is not impressed  

However, John faced more difficulties last night as his knee injury flared up, requiring physio, and he was told not to do any weight bearing exercise.

However, he headed down to the beach for a "brisk walk" prompting OT expert Karl Henry to take him to the swimming pool to show him how to exercise safely.

'That is not quite the way we look at it' - Dr Ciara Kelly gets real on John Conmy's Operation Transformation failure 

At the weigh-in, however, it was more bad news for John as he lost only half his weekly target and Karl had some stern words for him.

“I am shocked to be honest," he said.  "The numbers don’t really add up. At that weight, irrelevant of any movement – if there is no movement whatsoever – the massive shift in lifestyle in a food and lack of alcohol perspective, should be hitting numbers above five pounds in Week 2.


"Watching you walk with the two rocks by your side on a dodgy knee, on a crappy surface is probably the worst thing you could have done for your knee. It is going to set back your recovery."

John told the experts: “You want it so bad, you taste it. You want to see what you can do, how far you can push it.... This eight weeks is to put something in place that I can follow for the rest of my life. It is going to change my whole lifestyle”.

Fellow leader Lucy Dillon (24) had a little more success last night although she fell half a pound short of her target.

OT exert Dr Eddie Murphy visited Lucy to help her move forward from the loss of her mother from cancer three years ago.

lucy dillon.jpg
Lucy Dillon - Operation Transformation

Lucy revealed that she has regularly suffered from nightmares since her mother died but that, since starting on the Operation Transformation programme, they have stopped.

“I have nightmares. That she’s still there and there is a certain length of time to go and see her... I still think she is here but no-one else sees her,” she tearfully tells Dr Eddie.

Dr Eddie advises her that sometimes when grief is buried it can “capture” you later on and asks Lucy if the nightmares have continued since starting OT.

Lucy tells him no saying: “I think with all the exercise, I am just feeling a lot fresher and sleeping better”.


She is given a memory box to place memories of her mother in and tells Dr Eddie that she will do it but “it will just take time”.

Later at her weigh-in, OT expert Dr Ciara Kelly tells her: “It is really interesting to me that since you have been on the programme, the nightmares have stopped. I am really happy. I think probably what is going on there is that exercise is your friend. I think that the exercise that you are doing is really helping with your mental well being and I am very happy about that because I think you have great potential for happiness. I see it and I want it for you."

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