Wednesday 21 March 2018

Operation Transformation: John Conmy reveals problems with revenue as Noeleen goes on a date

John Conmy on RTE's Operation Transformation.
John Conmy on RTE's Operation Transformation.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Operation Transformation leader John Conmy revealed the source of his stress after several tough weeks on the show.

Last week John gained weight in the sixth week of the process, prompting all the OT leaders to rally around to help him get back on track.

When OT clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy visited him at his home in Mayo and John opened up about the source of his stress.

“Stress has become a huge thing in my life. It is the biggest negative in my life without a shadow of a doubt," he said.

Dr Eddie replied, “When it comes to stress, I think you have two options. One is you change the situation or you change how you think about the situation”.

John went on to explain why stress has become such a huge issue in his life.

“The main thing that is causing all the stress for me at the minute is I have a few issues with Revenue," he explained.

"I run my business without any bank loans or any overdraft, which I am quite proud of, but Revenue have me under severe pressure and because of an old debt there from a previous business, the whole lot has been lumped into one and they have come back with a debt now that is just totally unmanageable.

"I am in danger of losing my business, I am in danger of losing my home. That stress is humongous."

Dr Eddie replied that he thinks a lot of people “resonate” with John’s situation.

“There are a lot of people carrying a lot of debt and a lot of debt stress," he said.

"It is toxic. At the moment you can’t see an end point to this. It is so difficult and that would suggest that there is no control.

"The question then is: ‘are there other parts of your life that you take control over?’ Your health, your relationships with people around you that you love so that you are able to grab onto something and say: ‘I am doing this well’,” he said.

John told him that, at the end of the day, this is all about his daughter Amber and being there for her.

Operation Transformation leader Jonn Conmy left 'devastated' as Revenue seizes his Mayo restaurant 

“I have one little girleen, she is the prize at the end of it, to be there for her. I probably started the journey and said ‘okay, I’m going to lose weight’, that’s very well and good, but this whole OT journey has showed up so much more. It has showed up what is deep inside me that has been buried for years and I just need to let that out," he said.

Noeleen Lynam
Noeleen Lynam

OT fitness expert Karl Henry also travelled to Mayo to talk to John about his exercise regime, bringing out the competitiveness in John, who used to be very involved in sports, during a training session on the beach.

“John’s resistance session turned into something different altogether. It was tapping into the old, competitive John that I have never seen on Operation Transformation. That’s been there but buried for such a long time but today we tapped into it,” Karl said.

Speaking to camera on the beach, John said: “It is awful disappointing there is only two weeks left and that it is coming to the end. You’d love if it went on forever. They have given us the tools to deal with our situations, be it the stress, the exercise, the diet, the medicine so it would be a fool who wouldn’t take it on board."

Viewers saw John cook some OT pancakes with his daughter Amber.

At the weigh-in, John was successful, exceeding his target and losing three-and-a-half pounds.

john weigh.jpg

OT expert Aoife Hearne told him: “That’s great. What really came out this week was maybe the amount of stress you are under. When people are chronically stressed, your body will produce different hormones that actually want you to preserve fat. It is almost similar to lack of sleep, that when you are chronically stressed it is more difficult to lose weight. Definitely managing that stress is something that is really, really important."

Dr Eddie Murphy added, “A lot of people are in negative equity, a lot of people are carrying debts forward and what you have shown is that if you acknowledge it, open up, you are then able to make a change. That is the starting point.

"It is almost like week seven, it’s your starting point. Because up to then all we heard was work, work, work and you were so stressed you couldn’t hear what was going on around you. I think that coming up to Dublin, getting a break away from this work you’ve had an opportunity to figure out there is a bit of life here beyond 17 hours behind a stove."

Also on Thursday night's episode Noeleen Lynam went on a date.

Noeleen, a primary school vice-principal from Raharney in Co Westmeath, has been single for ten years but she’s back looking for love.

Earlier this month, Operation Transformation radio partners The Ray D’Arcy Show decided to draft in Jenny 'Cupid' Kelly, who has several successful matchmaking efforts to her name, to find Noeleen a man with their “A Knight for Noeleen” campaign.

Noeleen travelled to Dublin for a date with a mystery man.

Unfortunately, it was not love at first sight with Noeleen telling OT host Kathryn Thomas: “The restaurant was fabulous and he was perfect... for someone else. It was a very pleasant evening but we just didn’t click."

When Kathryn asked her if the experience had opened her up to the possibility of other dates, Noeleen said: “Absolutely, yes. Maybe I might choose them myself”.

On the scales, Noeleen hit her target.

noeleen weigh.jpg

Operation Transformation, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8.30pm on RTÉ One.  Next week there will be three epsidoes with a special double bill catwalk finale at 8.30pm and 9.35pm on RTE One on Thursday.

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