Monday 21 January 2019

Oakley manipulates Hannah's concern for Miriam to devastating effect on tonight's Fair City

Miriam shows her self-harming scarson Fair City tonight. PIC: RTE
Miriam shows her self-harming scarson Fair City tonight. PIC: RTE
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Things intensify between Oakley and Miriam on tonight's episode of Fair City.

The group is still reeling from the revelation that Oakley was the father of the child Miriam lost to cot death.

Charlotte’s concern about Oakley fuels Debbie and Katy’s worry further and their concern grows when Eoghan and Emmet start to ignore them.

When they're blocked entry from the house again they've h ad enough but they vow not to give up even when Emmet refuses to see his family and slips further under Oakley's spell.

Meanwhile Miriam opens up to Hannah about her baby but Hannah still feels like Miriam is hiding something.

Later Miriam reveals her scars from self harming and Hannahs is rocked by her confession. Seeing Miriam's increasing fragility she realises she needs to act. As Hannah presents Miriam with a cheque to go get help, the battle between Oakley and Miriam grows.

Oakley's impact on Carrigstown is wide-reaching as Bob and Pete clash over how best to deal with him and the group.

Seeing how Oakley gets a rise out of Pete’s anger, Bob realises they need a different approach. He warns Pete not to call the group out directly.

Bob feels they’ll lose community support when Pete is questioned by the Guards during a community meeting. He warns Pete to shape up.

Elsewhere Damien is rocked when Caoimhe informs him that she has booked a one way flight to Munich.

When Paul offers heartfelt advice, Damien thinks he’s found a solution. However he is crushed when Caoimhe won’t entertain his plan to move to Munich with them. He struggles to cope with losing his family and opens up to Orla.

Fair City, RTE One, 8pm

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