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No more radio work, but Norah has three TV slots lined up to keep her busy


Norah Casey

Norah Casey

Norah Casey

She has three TV programmes on RTE coming out in the next year and Norah Casey couldn't juggle it all with her Newstalk radio show.

The host has decided to quit her weekend radio slot, Mind Feed, and will sign off in two weeks' time.

The mum-of-one (right), who is currently holidaying in the Algarve in Portugal with her son Dara, told the Diary that it was time for more change and she's looking forward to the next chapter.

"I made the decision a month ago because I have always got new plans and every time I looked at what I could do, I was working all week and then weekends with the radio show, so there were too many things happening," she said.

"I loved Newstalk, they're a fantastic bunch of people and it was a great experience for me getting back into presenting."

Norah is now placing her focus on finishing her first book and filming three TV projects for RTE.

She recently fronted Way to Go? Death and the Irish, and is now happily preparing to spend a lot more time in front of the cameras.

She is expected to bring back another instalment of The Takeover, the format of which has been sold to the US, and is currently shooting a series about women in the travelling community.

"We're half way through it at the moment and it's far more challenging than I'd realised," she said.

"A lot of what I'm doing is off camera, I really want to leave something behind and make a difference to these women's lives.

"I feel connected to them and I want to the best of what I can do," she said.

Norah has also pitched a project to bosses in the national broadcaster, which will deal with teaching children how to be successful in business. It's scheduled to start shooting in October.

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"I know the areas I'm most comfortable with, so I suppose they're all of a similar thread," she said.

Although life is busy for the former Dragon's Den investor, Norah insisted she's thriving.

"It's busy, but I can manage it and contrary to what people think, I do get to pause and think if things are still right for me," she said.

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