Wednesday 21 August 2019

No gender discrimination but 'lack of diversity' within staff - RTE publishes findings of independent review

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Jane Last

Jane Last

An independent review into gender equality in RTE has found that there is no discrimination against gender - but the author of the reviews says the findings point to a "lack of diversity" within staff which the broadcaster should look to address.

The gender pay gap in RTE stands at 4pc, lower than the national average of 14pc.

The report was writted by Kieran Mulvey, a former director the Workplace Relations Commission, and was commissioned in July of this year.

Mr Mulvey has said there is little evidence pointing to any substantial argument that RTE discriminates in favour of either gender.

However, the report has found that RTE "needs to widen the context of its recruitment profile to include the diverse ethnic background".

There are currently 2,089 staff working for RTE, and which came under the remit of Mr Mulvey's review.

Remuneration given to individuals classed as independents, freelancers and contractors for RTE were not examined for the report.

Some 48pc of staff at RTE are female, while the remainder are male.

The report found that some 223 women are paid salaries under €40,000, compared with 138 men.

Some 429 women receive salaries between €40,001 and €60,000, compared to 405 men.

There are more men in the next salary band - €60,001 to €80,000 - with 302 males to 206 females.

Some 92 men receive salaries in the region of €80,001 to €100,000 - compared with 64 women.

A total of 73 men get paid amounts between €100,001 to €120,000 compared to 31 women. And 15 men receive salaries of more than €120,000 compared to six women.

The overall ages of staff are Overall Average Ages are Females 43.4; Males 45.8

For those earning more than €90,000, the avaerage ages were: Females 49.5; Males 52.7

And for those earning under €90,000, the average ages were: Female 43.0; Males 44.8

Mr Mulvey said this profile is concerning for RTE.

"The age profile of RTÉ staff between genders does not indicate any great disparity within the organisation overall or at the cut-off salary levels I have chosen within the organisation, i.e. above and below the €90,000 earnings profile," he said.

"What is of concern for RTÉ is the age-related profile of its staff and its lack of diversity beyond gender and the attendant challenges it faces in not being able to recruit new full-time posts over the last decade. This may create a challenge also in attracting young and early middle-aged audiences and new citizens who are now using digital media on a regular basis for news, communication and entertainment."

Commenting on the findings and recommendations, Dee Forbes, Director-General, RTE said: “This independent report confirms that RTÉ has made significant strides in the area of gender and role equality, and pay. I welcome this, while also fully taking on board the various recommendations.

"RTÉ is a complex organisation with legacy and historical issues, and with complicated grading structures. There is also a lack of diversity outside of gender, both on and off the air, coupled with restrictions, financial and otherwise, in our ability to recruit new talent. I and the Executive team will engage seriously and quickly with the recommendations in this report.”

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