Wednesday 17 July 2019

'No bad blood' between broadcasters George Hook and Matt Cooper after heated 'criminal' debate

Credit: Ireland AM
Credit: Ireland AM

Emma Jane Hade

Broadcasters George Hook and Matt Cooper have insisted there is no bad blood between them after they engaged in a heated debate on breakfast television.

The duo appeared on TV3’s Ireland AM yesterday morning to discuss the topic of fixed penalties for cyclists.

George discussed his deep hatred for cyclists and said they break the law, while Cooper told his radio rival he was a “criminal” who had a “string of road traffic convictions”.

“I hate cyclists with a passion,” 74-year-old Hook said.  When probed as to why he hates them so much, the Newstalk host said “well, I hate criminals”.

“They break the law routinely, there is no sanction.  They do what the hell they like.  They are a threat to themselves and they are a threat to pedestrians.”

Today FM star Matt Cooper then raised the issue that George had appeared in court for a “string of road traffic convictions”.

“George, you are the criminal,” the 49-year-old said.

“There was a judge who said that you were close to being… a serial road traffic offender.  And you were in court a number of times for breaking the speed limit.  Speeding is the most dangerous thing on the roads, it causes the most deaths.”

Matt is a keen cyclist while George said the last time he took the saddle was the “day JFK got shot” in 1963.

Matt, host of the ‘Last Word’, last night said the pair shook hands after the show and went their separate ways.

“There was no further conversation afterwards on it,” he said last night.

“The only reason I used the word criminal was because he had been using the word criminal liberally before that.”

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