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New Operation Transformation leader admits to getting up in middle of the night to eat bars of chocolate

RTE - Operation Transformation - Lucy Dillon
RTE - Operation Transformation - Lucy Dillon
Rte - Operation Transformation The Leaders Unveiled John Conmy Age: 47 Address: Bangor Erris, Co. Mayo Height: 5ft 10in Weight: 22st 10lbs Restaurant owner, John (47) is from Bangor Erris in Co. Mayo, where he lives with his wife Evonne and daughter Amber Lillie (5). John has a smile for everyone he meets but deep down he is miserable and worried that his weight will be the death of him, especially since developing Type 2 Diabetes in 2008. Johns parents died when he was in his early 20s. He was working as a chef in Cork at the time but moved home to Mayo to raise his 2 teenage brothers. John has an unbreakable bond with his brothers and is very proud of how they turned out. John is now head chef of his own restaurant Fun Bobbys Bistro in Belmullet Co. Mayo. His weight started to rise as he worked long hours surrounded by food. John admits that days spent picking at food are also often followed by a few social pints after work. As a chef, he is aware of a lot of the mistakes he is making but feels Operation Transformation is exactly what he needs to put his plans for a healthier lifestyle into action.
Rte - Operation Transformation Clare Scanlan
Rte - Operation Transformation The Leaders Unveiled Dan Kennedy Age: 44 Address: Beaumont, Co. Dublin Height: 5ft 11in Weight: 19st Bachelor, Dan lives with his mother Kay (79) in their family home in Beaumont, Co. Dublin. He admits to being spoilt rotten by his mother, who still does all his cooking, washing and ironing. Dan works part time as an administrator for the Athletic Union League and also volunteers with FAI looking after members of the national team when they are in Dublin. Football is a huge part of Dans life. He was a talented footballer, having even attended trials for English Premier League clubs in his teens, but gave up playing when he was 33 when the opportunity to manage his team arose. Instead of being out on the field, where he once thrived, he now spends his free time watching football in bed and with no regular exercise in his life the weight has continued to increase. When Dan was 5 years old, his father, also named Dan, died of a massive heart attack at only 45 years of age. Dan himself turns 45 next year, which is weighing heavily on him. Growing up without a father had a huge impact on Dan, as he missed having his dad on the sidelines at matches. Dan feels he didnt reach his true potential in football and his dream is to get fit enough to line out for the Republic of Ireland Masters.
Rte - Operation Transformation The Leaders Unveiled Noeleen Lynam Age: 50 Address: Raharney, Co. Westmeath Height: 11st 10lbs Weight: 5ft 3ins Single lady, Noeleen is a primary school vice-principal living in Co. Westmeath. Noeleen wants to take part in Operation Transformation because she needs to change her lifestyle once and for all, rather than following yet another fad diet. Preparing home cooked healthy meals for one every night can be a bit of a challenge. She has gained two stone in 2 years and feels that if she doesnt get a handle on it now, she never will. Noeleen is heavily involved in Musical Theatre and considers the Leixlip Musical & Variety Group to be a like second family. She used to dance in their shows but now her dancing is limited to watching Strictly Come Dancing. As a teacher, Noeleen hopes to be a role model for the children in her school. Shes seen firsthand how poor diet and lack of exercise is affecting a large number of Irish children. She doesnt wants to be a hypocrite, telling them what they should be doing, when she doesnt do it herself. Noeleen wants to embrace her 50s, feeling happy with her body for once. She wants to be fit, healthy and toned, and enjoy the next phase of her life with as much energy and enthusiasm as possible.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The latest Operation Transformation leader has been announced and she reveals she has battled comfort eating since the death of her mother.

Lucy Dillon (24) is the fifth leader to be announced on the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 ahead of the new series of the hit RTE show.

Lucy, from Clonmellon, Co Meath, is mum to one year old Molly with her partner Conor.  She juggles motherhood with her job as a hotel reservation executive, and helping her father run the family business.

She's originally from Kells hwere her dad Pat runs an open farm and shop and the family also runs Spooktacular, a Halloween attraction.

Rte's Operation Transformation
Presenters Ray Darcy and Kathryn Thomas with the experts and leader for the new series.
Picture Brian McEvoy
No repro fee
Rte's Operation Transformation Presenters Ray Darcy and Kathryn Thomas with the experts and leader for the new series. Picture Brian McEvoy No repro fee

Lucy has always battled with her weight but it has been particularly hard since losing her mother, Therese to lung cancer over 3 years ago.

Less than a month after she died Lucy started her college course in Event Management. She worked hard in College and relied on junk food to keep her going.

Molly was born two years later on Lucy’s mother’s birthday, which was a very emotional day for the whole family.

Lucy feels a huge amount of guilt that she didn’t spend enough time with her mum before she died. She comfort eats all the time, admitting she often gets up in the middle of the night to have a couple of bars of chocolate.

Lucy wants to ditch the crash diets and comfort eating once and for all and get the real her back so that she can feel like 24 rather than 44.

Lucy is 5ft 10in tall and weighs 17st 4lbs.  Her allocated expert is Dr Ciara.  She joins leaders John Conmy, Clare Scanlan, Dan Kennedy and Noeleen Lynam.

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